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Bannerbear is hiring a

Zapier / Nocode Writer

We are looking for a Nocode expert who loves to teach others!

At Bannerbear you'll help us write easy-to-follow tutorials that teach our customers how to get the most from our product. With a specific focus on Zapier and other #nocode tools.

🐻 We are an image and video processing API used by over 400 customers globally
💰 We are a bootstrapped, profitable company started in January of 2020
🌏 We are a 100% remote company
👋 We are small - 6 full time team members

Why Work Here?
✅ Work anywhere in the world
✅ We are a young, nimble, ambitious company who answers only to our customers
✅ No red tape or bureaucracy
✅ Competitive salary
✅ We are small - your work and your opinions will have a direct impact

The Job
🧠 Think of creative ways to use Bannerbear with Zapier, Make or other no-code tools
📝 Write a step by step tutorial on how to execute your automated workflow
5️⃣ Aiming for a velocity of 5 or more articles per month
📹 Not essential but would be amazing, if you are comfortable to also do a video (Loom) of your tutorial

The Skills You Need
✅ Excellent written communication skills
✅ Hands-on experience with Zapier, Make
✅ 1+ years of writing experience
✅ Knowledge of APIs and Bannerbear's API product

The Salary
We are looking to hire full time at $35,000 to $48,000 per year depending on experience.

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To ensure that you've read the entire job description , when applying please use the subject line "BEARCUB in applying for Zapier Writer" - using your timezone.

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