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Timescale is hiring a

Technical Writer

Technical Writer


Timescale is looking for a Technical Writer to join a new documentation team. You will report directly to the Documentation Manager and work to develop technical content for Timescale. Together, the two of you are responsible for creating and organizing the Timescale documentation, working with Engineering, Marketing, and Design, and a dedicated front-end engineer to develop new content, architect existing content, and create an excellent documentation experience for our readers.

Timescale is a developer-oriented company, and our ethos is always to “Help First.” We want to win developer credibility with a combination of highly technical content and grassroots community engagement. We’re looking for people who love developers, shun buzzwords and jargon, and have a proven track record of developing great content in an open-source, docs-as-code environment.

Successful candidates for this position will have experience working with open source documentation tools, including markdown, static site generators, and version control. You don’t need to have a technical communications degree. Still, we expect you to have written documentation in this kind of environment before and to have a solid understanding of content types, information architecture, and content strategy. We’re building an excellent documentation team from the ground up, and we want to find the right person to join us on this mission.

This role is remote, and English language fluency is required, but it does not need to be your first language.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Writing, editing, and updating technical documentation as docs-as-code.
  • Restructuring existing content to meet technical communication best practices.
  • Working directly with developers to write new content for features they are developing.
  • Testing the content you write.

Experience and Skills:

  • 3+ years of researching, writing, editing, and organizing technical documentation in the software industry, preferably in a docs-as-code environment.
  • A technical communication or English language degree is highly desirable but not required.
  • A gifted communicator who is capable of distilling complex technical subject matter into digestible, actionable prose.
  • Previous experience with open source documentation toolchains that include markdown and static site generation.
  • Excellent technical communication skills. You should be able to get directly to the point with no extra exposition.
  • Excellent cross-organizational collaboration skills. You can work across the team, across roles, and synthesize viewpoints and reach consensus.
  • A passion for developers and nerd culture.
  • A belief that organizations and industries are best when they are diverse and inclusive, and a commitment to ensuring that everything we do reflects that belief.
  • Works well independently and remotely.

About Timescale

At Timescale, we are dedicated to serving developers worldwide, enabling them to build exceptional data-driven products that measure everything that matters: software applications, industrial equipment, financial markets, blockchain activity, consumer behavior, machine learning models, climate change, and more. Analyzing this data across the time dimension (“time-series data”) enables developers to understand what is happening right now, how that is changing, and why that is changing. Timescale develops TimescaleDB, the category-defining open-source relational database for time-series data, and offers fully-managed TimescaleDB and related database services. Timescale is a remote-first company with a global workforce backed by Benchmark Capital, New Enterprise Associates, Redpoint Ventures, Icon Ventures, Two Sigma Ventures, and other leading investors.

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