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Chameleon is hiring a

Product Manager

☀️ Highlights

  • Chameleon is SaaS for product teams to create in-product UX (modals, banners, checklists, microsurveys etc.) to drive user engagement. Watch a short demo here.
  • We’re a remote-first VC-backed early-stage startup with ~25 folks distributed across the Americas and Europe. Learn more about our team, company, and culture here.
  • Seeking our first Product Manager ; someone with 3+ years of SaaS PM experience living in Americas/Europe, doing individual contributor work in close collaboration with our founders
  • Salary: $90-140k per year plus equity at a fast, growing startup. Other benefits include home office budget, company offsite, and more (e.g. health insurance and 401k for US-based folks)

Why join us now?

This is the best time to join Chameleon: you’d be joining a team that has found its groove and is excited about scaling, and a product that has customer love but with tons of potential to transform how SaaS works. Your work will impact 10s of millions of users.

Our customers (read case studies here) find a lot of value in what we offer, and we have a lot of ideas on what else we can build to make UX easier, more engaging, and more personal.

We’re a team of ~25, up from ~5 about 18 months ago; every person has a significant and material impact on our company’s trajectory and culture. We want to hire people who bring their best selves, who learn and iterate quickly, who are humble and looking to grow, and who are friendly and caring.

🌊 Learn more about our team, culture, and vision in our company page.

What your day-to-day might include

  • Joining customer meetings (we use Zoom) to learn about their pain points and needs
  • Managing our product feedback backlog and identifying priorities (we use Trello/Notion)
  • Collaborating with Pulkit (CEO) and Brian (CTO) to define the medium-term product roadmap
  • Managing the feature delivery lifecycle
    • Transforming the roadmap into specific user stories for designers
    • Reviewing designs (we use Figma) and giving feedback
    • Translating design stories into an engineering story specs (we use Trello)
    • Testing delivered stories
    • Helping resolve any blockers or slowdowns by coordinating engineering, design
    • Running beta/early adopter programs with customers (we use Google Docs, Airtable)
  • Quantitative analysis of product usage and engagement (we use Segment + Mixpanel)
  • Getting feedback from customers (via calls, surveys, tickets etc.) (we use Chameleon for collecting microsurvey responses and Calendly for scheduling, Intercom for support)
  • Doing product and market research (e.g. how competitors are solving these problems)
  • Helping write feature announcement notes and update help docs (we use Chameleon, Intercom, and a CMS called Statamic for our site)

Skills and experience that will aid success in this role

  • 3+ years as a full-time product manager at a SaaS company
  • 1+ years of startup (<50 employees) experience
  • Strong UX sense / design eye and familiarity with common SaaS patterns
  • Enjoy writing spec docs or help articles to explain functionality
  • Great at managing multiple threads of work
  • Strong organization and time-management skills
  • Builder/owner mindset (independent, comfortable with ambiguity)

Other requirements

  • You have a fully functioning workstation and a quiet place to work (and take calls) with a high-speed internet connection
  • You are in an Americas or European timezone (i.e. PST to CET; based in 🇨🇦 🇲🇽 🇧🇷 🇨🇱 🇺🇸 🇬🇧 etc.) * * If you are not living in this timezone we cannot consider you, regardless of your interest or willingness to work within these hours
  • This will be your full-time job
  • Fluency (written and verbal) in English

🌈 Chameleons are all different and uniquely beautiful. They change and aren't required to associate or identify with any specific labels. We welcome the chance to get to knowand are committed to building a diverse and inclusive team that consists of a variety of backgrounds, cultures, languages, experiences, preferences, and characteristics. That's what helps us all grow and evolve.

Please mention Remote Workers when applying for this remote job at Chameleon. You're helping us to grow! Thank you!