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Cariloop is hiring a

Software Engineer

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About Cariloop
Our vision is lofty: to create the global standard for the way we support caregivers, families, and each other. We envision a day when care challenges no longer stand in the way of anyone’s ability to be present with their loved ones. To achieve this vision, we need people who care deeply about their crafts and about how each of us works together to collectively help relieve the stress and anxiety felt by all caregivers. Our team’s commitment is to celebrate each person for who they are, what makes them unique, and embrace one another for what we each stand for, what we’re passionate about, and the core values we hold dear. We’re building a Culture of Care because we ultimately believe the way we care for others should reflect the way we care for our team. Joining Cariloop means embarking with us on this journey to be mindful of the moments we create for others and to transform the way we care for each other. If you’re ready to apply your craft to help transform how we care for each other, we hope you’ll join us.

Description of Role and Requirements
To help accelerate that effort, we are looking for a remote Sr. Software Engineer to join our team and play a crucial role in our next phase of growth. This role will work directly with our technical leadership team and Chief Innovation Officer to support our growth strategy and assist with constructing the conduit that ultimately pairs countless families desperately Google- searching for healthcare answers with the compassion and professionalism of one of our Care Coaches.

Our ideal candidate will be excited to be part of a high-growth environment and flexible as things evolve and change in the months and years ahead of us. Candidates should be open and collaborative, confident and compassionate, empathetic and creative, integrity-fueled, team-oriented, and a self-starter –definitely not too proud to roll up their sleeves and do some of the dirty work!


  • Remain mission-driven in each strategy we discuss, each task we complete, and each success we celebrate
  • Embody servant leadership where our team members, customers, partners, and members come first
  • Help to create supportive and high-quality experiences for our team members, customers, partners, and members
  • Understand the needs of the business and be able to translate them into technology solutions
  • Work with our internal teams to discuss, understand, and plan for product changes
  • Understand the existing software architectures to implement enhancements in smart and meaningful ways
  • Collaborate with team members to lead and coordinate new and existing implementations
  • Be an effective communicator —written, verbal, multimedia, etc.
  • Document tasks, decisions, designs, etc.
  • Provide mentorship to help guide, build, and grow the people you work with every day by sharing your skills and expertise with the team


  • Experience in a caregiving role (either direct or indirect) where you truly understand and empathize with what a family goes through is highly desired
  • Knowledge or experience with
    • Implementation of software design patterns
    • Software development processes, (SDLC), and their technologies
    • Software and technology solution creation
    • Web-based and mobile-based solution creation
    • Data modeling and database design
    • Service-oriented architecture (SOA)
    • MEAN (MongoDB, Express, Angular, NodeJS) stack of technologies
    • Cross-platform mobile technologies (Flutter)
    • Toolchains used to develop our products and services (Linux, MEAN, git, Trello, shell scripts, VS Code) in a Mac OS environment
  • Experience working with software engineering teams with an understanding of how to drive quality in development for all products and services
  • Thrives in a fast-paced and rapidly evolving environment with a proven ability to adapt

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