Bitwise Alchemy is hiring a

Server Engineer

Server Engineer 100% REMOTE



Bitwise Alchemy is a consulting studio that solves the tough problems for AAA studios and other game tech companies. Our growing team has decades of experience in AAA video game development building and leading large projects.

Bitwise Alchemy is looking for a Server Engineer to work with us on exciting initiatives with major industry partners. Unlike traditional studios, we offer a unique way to leverage your game development skills:

  • Never crunch. Our developers have a maximum number of hours they can work each month (approx 160h), minus any holidays or PTO.
  • Flexible work schedule that respects your other commitments. For example, it would be fine to take every Friday off and make up the hours on other days.
  • Live and work where you want. We are a remote-only company.

We offer full time employment in the US and Canada, and can contract worldwide.


  • Industry leading salary
  • At least one month severance
  • PTO
  • Benefits and 401k match (US only)


  • Experience with games as a service implementation. For example experience working on MMO backends.
  • A desire to explore new projects and solve tough problems.


  • Microsoft Orleans
  • C++
  • C#
  • AWS Gamelift
  • Backend Web Development
  • Experience with large scale distributed systems.
  • General game dev experience (tools, gameplay, AI, etc.)
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