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Codeti Studio is hiring a

Senior Software Developer

Time zones: EST (UTC -5) CST (UTC -6) MST (UTC -7) PST (UTC -8) AKST (UTC -9) AST (UTC -4)

We're a small, rapidly growing software agency looking to add another senior- level software developer to our team to help balance our workloads.

About us (the good and the bad

  • We're a team of 3.5, so pretty small.
  • We're all developers here, so we understand that estimates aren't always accurate, software takes time, and sometimes things take more time than initially expected - all par for the course.
  • We're a services company, so there's a wide variety of different things you'd be working on, and there are often changes in priorities from week-to-week and month-to-month.
  • We do a mix of ground-up development for startups (creating new web apps from scratch), automation work, and work on existing codebases.
  • A lot of our work is MVP & product-focused, meaning we often value shipping small, functional, but imperfect pieces of functionality rather than highly-scalable subsystems.
  • Our primary tech is Next.js (v13 with pages directory), Vercel, React, Typescript, Prisma, PostgreSQL, Twilio, Sendgrid, and NextAuth; but we occasionally have work that veers into Python, Flutter, Rust, Node.js, AWS (mainly lambdas and s3), VBA, Zapier, and Airtable (I try to steer us away from Airtable though).
  • We don't do any work at all in RoR, Go, or a slew of other languages.
  • We're based in Phoenix, AZ, but we're a fully remote company - so you can work from anywhere.

We're looking for someone to...

  • Tackle miscellaneous challenges across multiple projects.
  • Figure out solutions to random problems that crop up from time to time
  • Design prisma.schema files to represent the data layer of new MVPs
  • Implement CRUD APIs with Next.js
  • Occasionally work in something you've never worked in before (e.g. writing an occasional VBA script, or researching the requirements of a WhatsApp integration). In these cases there's the natural understanding that you've not done XYZ before, and might need additional resources (like a mac/windows-pc, or a subscription to some service, or something) and/or time to complete it - which it's our job to get you what you need.
  • Build scaffolding for new projects
  • Occasionally develop rapid prototypes, that have a lot of stubbed out functionality

Things that are specifically NOT a part of this job (ignore the double- negatives):

  • No customer support
  • No customer management / sales
  • (In other words, this is NOT a customer-facing position)

Our ideal candidate has:

  • 5+ years experience with React or similar frameworks
  • Experience in both front and backend development
  • A product mindset
  • A willingness to bounce between different projects

Salary & Benefits:

  • $120k per year (full-time, w2), plus bonuses based on overall company performance
  • Health stipend
  • 3 weeks PTO plus holidays
  • This isn't really a "benefit" per se, but just to reiterate: this position is fully remote

Hiring Process & Timeline:

  • We strive to keep this simple/streamlined.
  • Two interviews total:
  • First one 30-60 minutes to discuss background, talk at a technical level about some of the stuff you've done in the past, and generally get a feel for each other
  • Second one ~60 minutes to dive deeper into technical topics (no coding)
  • A third conversation to discuss offer details and/or answer any questions you have, and generally to make sure you have all the time you need to feel out if we're a good fit for you (in other words: this one is entirely for your benefit - it can be as long or as short as you want it to be)
  • In a perfect world, we'd love to do a part-time engagement through November/December, and shift to full time at the start of January. We're open to jumping immediately into full time though for the right candidate; happy to discuss.

Next steps:

  • Reach out! Send us your resume using the form below, or email us directly at [email protected]
  • We'll be reviewing applications and scheduling interviews as they come in, and will generally respond within a week.
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