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Senior Full-Stack Developer, React + Go

  • Worldwide
  • Contract
  • $48,000 - $72,000

    Remote Location: Worldwide - ( team operates in the Pacific Coast time zone PST/PDT )
    Working hours per week: 40

    About the project

    The developer will be working on a platform focused on bringing AI to business. The platform aims to provide business people with easy-to-use tools to load and analyze sets, make predictions, and gain insights. The developer will work closely with the team, collaborating on the Makana project. The project follows a lightweight process with daily stand-ups, two-week sprints, and fully distributed team collaboration. The team operates in the Pacific Coast time zone (PST/PDT).

    Tech requests

    • Rеасt and Gо - must have;
    • Proficiency in Rеасt framework for building user interfaces;
    • Proficiency Go. We are using Google's CloudSQL w/ Postgres for the Machina project;
    • ORM (Object-relational mapping): Experience working with an ORM to represent objects locally for the client;
    • DB (data base): Knowledge of working with bases, specifically making API calls to retrieve and manipulate;
    • API Calls: Ability to make API calls to interact with external services and retrieve ;
    • Kubernetes' proficiency;