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Rails Developer

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Time zones: EST (UTC -5) CST (UTC -6) MST (UTC -7) PST (UTC -8) AKST (UTC -9) HST (UTC -10)

At SEAS Education, we build software that enables educators to achieve the best possible outcomes for students with special needs. Our platforms help educators discover a student's strengths and needs, build an individualized education plan, track student progress, document health-related services, and recover the cost of Medicaid-reimbursable services.

As a Ruby on Rails developer, you will work primarily on our plan-management product, which guides educators through the process of creating special education plans for students, eliminates as much manual data entry as possible, and provides validation to ensure plans comply with laws protecting student rights.


  • Bachelors degree in Computer Science or equivalent combination of education and experience.
  • 3+ years supporting a production web application.
  • Proven experience with a front-end framework (angular, react, vue, etc).


  • Designs, develops, ships, and maintains features with guidance from more experienced engineers.
  • Takes well-defined tasks and completes them in a way that is considered by the team to be high-quality with supervision from more senior team members.
  • Follows best-practices for the team without excessive hand-holding.
  • Makes steady progress on assigned tasks and knows when to ask for help when blocked.
  • Can launch small-to-medium features all the way through technical design to launch.
  • Prioritizes work and can make forward progress without being bogged down by unimportant details.
  • Asks clarifying questions about unclear requirements.
  • Ensures all assumptions are vetted before work starts to reduce need for re-work.
  • Understands how their work fits into the larger picture for their team.
  • Identifies conflicting requirements to their lead and managers.
  • Communicates well and delivers feedback to peers and their manager.

Growth Goals:

  • Completing tasks of increasing complexity, scope, and importance at a very high quality with a lessening need for manager/lead oversight.
  • Developing expertise in a specific technology.
  • Becoming capable of mentoring other developers in their technology expertise.
  • Participating more in technical design process, often with guidance from senior engineers.
  • Developing empathy for the users of their software.
  • Seeking out context and understanding the "why" of a particular feature.
  • Responsible for the entire lifecycle of their code: development, testing, production, and subsequent fixes and improvements.
  • Performs code reviews that are recognized by their team as helpful.

Salary $85,000+ DOE

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