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Riff is hiring a

Lead Frontend Engineer

Time zones: GMT (UTC +0) CET (UTC +1) EET (UTC +2)

Why Riff?

  • Solve a big problem. The next phase of knowledge work will increasingly happen remotely. This is not without challenges, especially when it comes to collaborating with your team. At Riff, we believe in teams that work together to make the sum greater than their parts. We are building Riff for the millions of teams that wish to move fast and drive change.
  • Join an exceptional team. You will be working alongside exceptional people who have gone through a high growth journey and built billion dollar companies before. Joining this early means you get a real opportunity to work closely with the founders, grow the team and shape the culture.
  • Join us at a magical time. We are backed by some of Europe's best investors, and have big ambitions. Riff is in its early stages, and we count on every single team member to shape its success.

Why this role?

As the Lead Frontend Engineer you will own and breathe life into Riff's user interface. You will obsess about contributing to and converting Figma designs into pixel-perfect product, and be equally at ease in pure Javascript as you are in React. You will also have a deep obsession with how humans interact with computers visually, physically and using voice, in order to create a magical experience for the user.

  • Craft designs and prototypes into beautiful and functional UI.
  • Think like a game developer, rather than a B2B software developer.
  • Build, ship, and analyse features to test new hypotheses about human interaction and collaboration.
  • Shape our product direction by participating in UX interviews, roadmap planning, and feature brainstorms.
  • Help us grow the team by interviewing and coaching new hires.

How do we know you're the perfect match?

  • You have obsessive attention to detail and cannot rest until the pixels are perfect, the animation is just right and the sound is flawless.
  • You will be equally happy building out GPU-accelerated canvas code and contributing to Figma designs.
  • Expertise in React, Node and Electron a massive bonus.
  • You have an innate drive to build things fast, but with an eye on the future.
  • You are dedicated to building beautiful products that will transform the way we work, live and connect with one another for the better.

We believe that the best products are built by teams of smart, motivated people from diverse backgrounds.

We've worked with people who've been gamers, artists, writers, musicians, astrophysicists, chemists, doctors, psychologists and mathematicians. Some who've come through traditional higher education and others who have traveled a different path.

We want highly skilled frontend engineers but we don't care how you got there. Join us if you believe in the power of technology to change society for the better.