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Fullstack Engineer

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  • Full-Time
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Time zones: EST (UTC -5) CST (UTC -6) MST (UTC -7) PST (UTC -8)


We're searching for engineers to join our founding team on the journey. These engineers are a special breed: entrepreneurial self-starter. Ambitious. Creative. Optimistic. Energetic. High-integrity.

Experience is important, but we care most about raw horsepower. This will be a high-growth ride for all of us.

Our founding Fullstack Engineer will ship end-to-end, customer-facing features. You'll see a feature through, from inception to design, to implementation, to telling our customers about it.

Engineers on the team today:

  • Work in Elixir/Phoenix (back-end) and TypeScript/React/Tailwind (front-end).
  • Are self-starters who like to be left to autonomously figure out solution to their challenges.
  • Are naturally curious and enjoy stepping in to learn something they don't have experience in.
  • Read about programming in their free time.
  • Have a ship-it attitude and a willingness to iterate to the right solution as opposed to build it perfectly upfront.
  • Are optimists.
  • Value clear, frequent communication (we do a lot of reading & writing)

Skills & Experience

  • 5+ years of working full-time as a software engineer
  • Experience with React.
  • Experience working in the front-end and building the APIs necessary to power that front-end.
  • [Preferred] Functional programming experience.
  • [Preferred] Experience working with a designer.
  • [Bonus] Have lead a cross-functional team to build customer-facing features.

Challenges we wish to work on

  • Create and manage local dev databases in our console.
  • CLI for generating ORM boilerplate.
  • Integrate with companies like Retool to bring our synced databases into their platforms.
  • Tools for monitoring and visualizing your sync processes.
  • Meter-based pricing (along with free tier).
  • Ability to write and test functions or transforms of your schema.


  • Salary starting at $180,000
  • Platinum Health, Dental, & Vision
  • 401(K)
  • Fully remote team
  • Team retreats in unique locations
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