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Frontend Angular 11 Software Engineer

We are seeking a self-driven front-end software engineer to join our team. You will work alongside a group of dedicated and supportive engineers and designers, all focused on building and maintaining a cutting edge product. We count on our engineers to write elegant and well-documented code, with a strict eye towards separation of concerns and maintainability.


  • Making rad products on a bleeding edge tech-stack with nice people
  • A team that cares about each other's growth and provides mentorship and learning resources
  • A diverse workplace that values a variety of backgrounds and experiences


  • Collaborate with the rest of the team to create new features and maintain responsive, library-driven web front-ends running Angular/Typescript
  • Maintain and build dynamic components in multiple Angular libraries
  • Debug development and production issues in stateful applications driven by dynamic data
  • Work towards improving code quality, internal tools/processes, and documentation
  • Develop and maintain our Angular multi-library setup


  • Are confident in your knowledge of JavaScript and modern web standards like ES6, HTML5 and CSS3
  • Have preferably 3+ years professional experience building web apps and UIs with dynamic content and modular components
  • Build with modern JavaScript frameworks, (specifically Angular 11+ with Typescript)
  • Passionate about RXJS, (and knows when to mergeMap vs concatMap)
  • Have a firm grasp on immutable data patterns
  • Care deeply about the user experience, including performance and accessibility
  • Pay strict attention to the details, with a serious consideration for production systems and cross-browser compatibility
  • Know how to independently debug a complicated problem, and do so regularly
  • Are motivated to learn new things, and enjoy both teaching others and being taught
  • Understand the importance of testing, and how to write good tests
  • Value collaboration and code review to achieve results surpassing the individual
  • Understand that every product/project requires an array of fields and talents, and respectful communication is a critical component in success
  • Can give / take criticism with lightheartedness and a true desire to grow


  • Love Angular unapologetically
  • Are a good hang
  • Are a person that can make us laugh
  • Enjoy passionate discussions about code
  • Are an npm package master and have experience with multi-library development environments
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