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Senior Android Engineer

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Founded in 2011, Mobile Jazz has evolved from a mobile app development agency to a full-stack technology partner, including development services like backend, frontend, native mobile, embedded systems, UX & design, and security.

We’re a fully remote working company with team members spread worldwide, from Thailand to the Czech Republic, Brazil, and more. We used to have an office, but it was closed in 2018 as we wanted to be totally free. All our communication is in English.

Although we work in the CET timezone, our work schedule is flexible. We don’t have restrictions on holidays and time off, and many of our team continue to work with us while traveling the world. As long as you deliver the work you’ve committed to, that’s what matters to us.

We encourage you to check out ourcompany handbook, where you can find out a bit more about us, who we are, what we do, and most importantly, how we do things.

We’re proud to say that our average employee stay is four years — more than double the average for our industry. And we’ve got a long list of retained clients, based everywhere from Melbourne to San Francisco. We take immense pride in the fact that they trust our expertise, methodologies, and market knowledge.

Your role We’re looking for a senior android engineer to join our growing team. You will join the engineering team in Mobile Jazz and will work closely together with UX experts, graphic designers, iOS engineers, backend developers, and product owners on delivering excellent consulting work for our international clients.

  • Experience building multiple apps and using the store portals.
  • High experience and understanding of Gradle.
  • Advanced understanding of Kotlin.
  • Java knowledge is highly valued but not required.
  • Experience with specific frameworks such as Maps, GPS, and others will be appreciated.
  • Experience on Bluetooth Classic and Bluetooth LE is valued.
  • Extra points for experience on Kotlin Multiplatform.
  • Extra points for having some experience with Swift / iOS

Additionally, candidates must possess:

  • Highly experienced in using .
  • A good level of English (both written and spoken).
  • First-rate communication skills.
  • The ability and aim to work remotely.

The Offer

Mobile Jazz is a small agency located in Europe but with its team members moving around the world (if Covid-19 allows it). Our model is transparent and everyone in the team earns a fair salary based on a tier level definition (and publicly available to everyone in the team).

  • Location: Remote position. Most of the team is +-3h from European time zones. Therefore, we find it easier to work with people living close to Europe. Nevertheless, many of us travel or live elsewhere without any issue.
  • Salary : Ranging from 45k€ (junior) to 73k€ (principal) depending on your seniority.
  • Hours : Full-time position (40h/w). We're flexible to accommodate a different dedication if desired.
  • Schedule : Fully flexible. Up to you to decide when to work.
  • Holidays : 31.5 days / year (21.5d of holidays + 10 bank days).
  • Extra time-off: Up to 48d/year of unpaid time off on top of regular holidays.
  • Events : 1w/year fully paid in a hotel for a team event (if covid allows it), 1 long weekend/year fully paid for you and your family for a summer camp event, worldwide workstation events (rental of the house paid by the company)
  • Benefits : Up to 2k€ every 3 years to renovate your laptop (belonging to you).

How To Apply

To deliver a better experience for our candidates, we’ve decided to create an API to manage the process. Instead of sending us a typical application form, you can provide your details via an HTTP POST request instead. You can read more about our hiring process and know about how our API system works.

If you’re excited by what you’ve read and want to apply, you’ll find the specification of the Jobs API at the bottom of the page.