Photobooth Supply is hiring a

Mid/Senior Mobile Engineer - iOS

We make elegant iOS-based photo booths connected to peripherals like printers, DSLR cameras, and LEDs. It's all powered on the backend by a Node.js API, MongoDB database, and several microservices (also written in Node). An additional part of our product suite is a web frontend written in React/Next.js.

If you are a kind, respectful, and thoughtful iOS developer who wants to focus on building a high-quality mobile-first product with a focus on images and video, we're looking for you!

You'll be working on a small team of mobile developers, collaborating with other development teams, and implementing software that's so good that our clients don't even notice it exists.

You'd be working in a collaborative, remote-first environment, but we respect the need for independent and heads-down deep work, so we don't have a lot of meetings or bureaucracy. If you are looking for a workplace that respects you as a person, and will both expect and help you to perform at your best, we are the place for you!

Tech Stack

You don't need to know all of these, but we hope you're interested in these technologies and have at least some knowledge about them.

  • Frontend: iOS app written in Swift, and a web app written in React and Next.js. We are hoping to use React Native soon.
  • API: REST + GraphQL, Node.js, Express, Mongoose
  • AWS Infrastructure: Lambda, Beanstalk, EC2, S3, CloudFront, SNS, Elasticache, CloudWatch
  • Other Infrastructure: GitHub, GitHub Actions
  • Databases: MongoDB, Redis
  • Technologies: FFmpeg, WebRTC, WASM


  • Build great software!
  • Upgrade the current software where it isn't great 😥
  • Make recommendations (and implement them!) for how to improve overall software quality.
  • Implement design and development refreshes to make the software look and function better.
  • Camera integration and image and video processing, Augmented Reality, face recognition, image quality, etc. We use SDKs for some of the heavy lifting but any experience you have would help.
  • Thinking about and implementing new features that make it easier to see and share images and videos.
  • Integrate with 1st-party products and services such as our microservices and frontend apps.
  • Integrate with 3rd-parties such as social sharing.
  • Collaborate with other staff to architect new features that make our clients super happy.


  • Most importantly, you MUST be kind, respectful, and thoughtful. Strong opinions are very welcome. Jerks are not.
  • Secondly, you must be willing to work in the context of a team. Yes, many of your deliverables will be due to heads-down programming, but you can't work in a vacuum or ivory tower.
  • Hands-on work experience as a mid to senior-level iOS developer.
  • Track record of building high-quality, battle-tested software.
  • Experience working with APIs, preferably at a SaaS company.
  • Experience with all the basics: version control, CI, agile development, communication tools like Slack, etc


🏥 Health Benefits

👴 401K for California Based Employees

📚 Education Stipend

💻 Remote Work

💰 Bonus Plan

🏝️ Annual Retreat

✈️ Generous PTO and Holiday Schedule

💼 Quarterly Financial Meetings

📊 Open Book Management

💪 Intimate Team

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