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Online Optimism is hiring a

Social Media Strategist

  • USA Only
  • Full-Time
  • 5 applicants

Location: US Locations Only; 100% Remote

As a Social Media Strategist at Online Optimism, we expect you to serve as a mid-level role in client success for our Social Media Department. You will work directly under our Senior Social Media Director.

We offer a truly hybrid workplace. We have staff working out of amazing office spaces in New Orleans, LA and Washington, DC. You may also work remote from anywhere in the US, either at home or at a coworking space that we provide. You can work either ET or CT.

What You’ll Be Doing:

  • Overseeing between 4– 10 clients’ social media presence online.
  • Work directly with clients, acting in an account executive role for 3 – 5 accounts.
  • Craft interesting creative to build engagement across properties.
  • Initially focusing work on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, while being nimble enough to adjust as the social media world changes.
  • Provide insight and helpful details to other elements of your client’s campaigns (like diving into Google Analytics, or collaborating with our SEM or content marketing teams).
  • Build out complex paid digital advertising campaigns on Meta’s Ad Network (including Instagram and Story placements), TikTok’s Ad Network, LinkedIn’s Ad Network.
  • Provide direct oversight on thousands of dollars of paid social media advertising per month.
  • Assisting with Online Optimism’s own social media presence and advertising.
  • Utilize specialized social media software for community management, content scheduling, and reporting. Our team uses Sprout Social, Google Looker Studio, and more.
  • Light work outside of normal business hours: typically, this is about 1 hour of weekend work every three weeks – our social media team receives additional PTO (see below) because of this.


If you’re looking for a place to grow where your work (and you) will be appreciated and rewarded, you’ll find a home at Online Optimism.

You must have at least:

  • 2+ years of professional social media experience, either in-house, at an agency, or running your own consulting brand.
  • Significant social media creation experience, with a proven track record of successful campaigns.
  • Strong creative talents and an attention to detail.
  • Portfolio of past social media work.

In addition, the strongest candidates will have:

  • Experience with Sprout Social or a similar social media management tool.
  • Analytical experience, with Google Analytics or a similar platform.
  • Meta Blueprint Certification.
  • Additional paid digital (social-focused) advertising experience.

What’s It Like to Be an Optimist?

As a full-time employee, you’ll receive all the benefits that a career at Online Optimism gets you. They’re fully detailed on our Careers page, but an overview is below:

Job Compensation

  • Base annual salary paid weekly.
  • Technology stipend of $1,000 / year (also paid weekly.)
  • SIMPLE IRA plan with 3% matching.
  • Potential additional $1,200 in earned bonuses depending on achieving your KPIs (discussed three times a year).

Insurance and Wellness

  • Health insurance for you and any dependents at three different levels so you can choose what’s perfect for you. Online Optimism covers 50% (between $1,859.16 / year in our lowest plan of 1 person to $8,182.44 for a family plan)
  • Dental insurance for you and any dependents – we cover 50%, so it can be worth anywhere from $208.32 / year (one person, no dependents) to $626.52 at the highest plan.
  • Vision Insurance: We cover 100% (we look at a lot of screens, y’all) which is $75.12 at the lowest (one person, no dependents) to $221.64 at the highest (family plan). Our plan (at most stores) covers new glasses & frames up to $200 / year.
  • Short term disability for 16 weeks
  • Life Insurance ($10,000 policy)
  • EAP (Employee Assistance Program) through ComPsych. While this offers a few benefits, the most common one is its allowance of up to three therapy sessions per life event.

Raises & Additional Compensation

  • All employees receive raises at least annually, and our high-performers have earned raises two to three times a year in the past.
  • All employees receive holiday bonuses. The amount depends on our company’s success throughout the year.

PTO & Holidays

While financial compensation and insurance is important, we believe that your time spent outside of work is often just as important to maintaining a health balance – one of our values is Work is work, not life. This position will receive:

  • PTO (in additional to unlimited sick time):
  • In 2023, you’ll receive 11 days of PTO. You receive them as 3 days in April, 3 days in July, and 5 days in October.
  • Starting in 2024, you’ll receive 15 days of PTO annually on January 1st.
  • Financial compensation for any unused PTO at the end of the year, valued at 1/500th your annual salary. (It does not rollover.)
  • Summer Fridays, which are four Friday half days throughout June to August. You’ll get all your first year.
  • Half day for your birthday (available anytime your birthday week).
  • Unlimited sick time for physical or mental wellbeing. This includes unlimited time for things including bereavement, mental health days, miscarriages, or any reason our Optimists believe they won’t be working at 100%.
  • If for some reason a medical procedure isn’t available near you, we will also fly you to our DC offices and pay for a night’s hotel stay, no questions asked – you can read more about our out-of-state medical leave policy here, rolled out in June, 2022.
  • 14 holidays per year, including: New Year’s Day, Mardi Gras Tuesday (+ the previous Monday and Friday), Good Friday, Memorial Day, Juneteenth, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, *Christmas Eve, *Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve.
  • The 6 religious holidays, marked with an asterisk, may be shifted around per employee’s wishes.
  • Holidays which fall on weekends are moved to the business day before or after.

An Optimistic Work Environment

We work hard to create a supportive, optimistic environment. This includes:

  • Our office hours are 9-5, Monday – Friday. You will be able to have flexible work hours including 8-4, and 10 – 6.
  • We have an in-place policy that we don’t require employees to check their email while outside the office. We believe strongly in maintaining a work/life balance.
  • Our “You Do You” remote work rule means that you get to choose whether you come into our beautiful offices, or work from home each day.

We also like to think we have a pretty great office culture. We have the usual fun stuff, and then go far above and beyond what you might be expecting:

Casual dress code

  • Top of the line computers to work on.
  • We offer free web hosting to any Optimist.
  • We have a 200% employee donation match program called Donate, Elevate.
  • We provide quarterly volunteer opportunities, and allow staff paid time out of their day for opportunities of their own (or as a poll worker).
  • Gifts for everyone on a new client account, or website launch.
  • We cover the cost of any networking groups or events related to your career or skills that you want to work on.
  • We enjoy an annual retreat together.

Additional Long Term Benefits

  • After your first 12 months of employment, you’re eligible for paid maternity or parental (adoptive) leave every twelve months, rolling. Paid is 100% your base salary. It is sixteen weeks paid maternity leave, and eight weeks of paid leave for adoptions/paternity.
  • In your third year of employment, we’ll send you to a conference related to your field of study within the U.S., all expenses paid.
  • After 5 years of employment at Online Optimism, we extend your PTO from 15 days to 20.
  • After 10 years of employment at Online Optimism, we’ll provide you with an additional 3 week sabbatical.
  • We have no non-compete. You should only be at Online Optimism if you believe it’s the best opportunity for your career at this time.

Lastly, we’re very confident that everyone who receives one of our offers is going to be a great fit at Online Optimism. If, however, you don’t think it is after 60 days, no problem, we’ll offer you a buyout package. This means that we’ll offboard you over the next week (with insurance til the end of the current month), pay you a $2,000 severance package (after receiving our equipment back,) and wish you the best in your career somewhere else.

Location : US Locations Only

Location : US Locations Only

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