Accredible is hiring a

UX & UI Designer

What the job involves


We are looking for a talented UX & UI Designer to join our rapidly growing Software as a Service startup. This is a remote role and therefore ideal for someone looking for ownership and autonomy. We seek someone who is excited to join an Agile Team to help create and manage a portfolio of technical integrations within our platform.


We are growing very quickly and expect to continue hiring rapidly over the next year. It is an exciting time to join a rocket ship that’s just ignited!

Accredible is the new digital credential standard for the online learning age. Our customers are organizations that issue certificates or credentials to people for courses, awards, membership, training, or any other achievement. Accredible lets users issue secure, digital credentials instead of paper-based ones.

We are the certification provider behind some of the biggest and most well- known companies in the world including Rosetta Stone, Google, Slack, McGraw Hill, Kaplan, Harvard University, UC Berkeley, the University of Oxford, the University of Cambridge, Skillsoft, and many others.

Our vision is to host the world's credentials and in the process become the world's first truly verifiable repository of human capital. We are entering an exciting growth phase and are looking to build a professional, scalable, and efficient team.

We are a growing team of talented and dedicated individuals looking to keep up momentum and maintain a friendly, open democratic culture.

The Role

Your role is to ensure that the user experience for any issuer setting up and using an integration with Accredible is clear, straightforward, and easy to interact with. You will also ensure that the user workflows and user experience for any recipient receiving certificates or badges via an integration is seamless.

As such, your day to day job will include, but is not limited to:

• Identifying distinct personas/users groups quickly and iterating solutions to their needs.

• Designing all the visual and interactive elements for Integrations leveraging user-centered design principles.

• Collaborating with the Marketing team and other UI Designers to set branding and graphic development strategy.

• Commanding design tools such as Adobe Photoshop, Sketch, Illustrator, After Effects, Invision, etc.

• Partnering with Product to better understand the product’s users via brainstorming, ideation sessions, discovery sessions, evaluation of the requirements, aligning design with user stories, the testing/iteration of designs, and future-state journey mapping.

• Working with frontend software engineers from conception to implementation focusing on reusing and syncing components. And, using modern tooling that supports collaboration, consistency, and easy export of CSS (e.g. Principle, Axure, Figma, or Zepplin, etc.)

You will not be doing this alone as we have a world-class team you will be working with. You will have a dedicated team of developers and support from a dedicated product manager, additional product managers, Head of Product, Head of Engineering, and our Chief Technology Officer. We will be expecting high quality work but don’t worry - you will receive constructive feedback and guidance on a regular basis. We meet every day and everybody has input and the ability to make our work and the way we work better.

You will have a lot of decision making power, autonomy, and trust. We make decisions democratically and give team members the time, resource, and authority to work on what they think is most important.

This is a fantastic opportunity to join a fast growing, profitable startup where there are many opportunities to obtain promotions based upon merit, hard work, and dedication.

Your Skills & Competencies

We are looking for you to demonstrate to us that you have these skills & competencies:

Integration or Technical Comfort. You have preferably helped design integrations for the likes of Zapier, Moodle, Salesforce, Zoom, or similar.

Prioritization. You can choose which things are important from the many that you are exposed to.

Fundamental Problem Focus. You are able to ask the right questions to best understand the root cause of an issue and provide the best solution to it.

Communication. You are able to clearly and succinctly communicate ideas and problems to teammates. You’re able to build consensus in many cases and provide convincing evidence and reasoning in other cases.

Customer Understanding & Research. You are able to speak to customers and understand their needs, abilities, and priorities. You recognize the customer archetypes and which insights you need to receive to understand broader customer needs.

Visual Communication. You are comfortable with everything from white space visual hierarchy to making clickable prototypes, all the while minimizing the need for written instructions. You are ultimately responsible for delivering all final Integration-related assets. Moreover, you have a compelling design portfolio that demonstrates design principles for web and/or mobile platforms.

Design Thinking. You understand the importance of solving problems by prioritizing customer’s needs above all else. You will observe Accredible customers interact with their environments and utilize an iterative, hands-on approach to creatively product innovative design solutions.

Modern Delivery Team Experience. You have worked closely with a cross- functional team and understand how to work effectively as part of that team. Making it easy for others to understand and consume your designs is just as important as the designs themselves.

Empathy. You are able to put yourself into the shoes of a new, non technical user and understand what things they may find challenging.

Learns Quickly. You have the ability to quickly absorb and make use of new information.

** Compensation & Benefits

$90,000-120,000 salary.

• Full health, vision, and dental insurance paid for by Accredible.

• Flexible hours Monday through Friday.

• Remote work. A great opportunity for digital nomads!

• A close, dedicated startup team who are passionate about improving the education system and who are backed by some of Silicon Valley’s top venture capital investors.

• 2 hours per week (paid) to spend learning anything you like, even if it is not related to your role, plus a budget to spend on learning materials (courses, books, conferences). We love education and we believe in nurturing your growth!

• A promise to invest in your growth personally and professionally. Wherever you would like to go, and whatever you would like to do, we will be there to support you..

• 35 days paid vacation time.

• Maternity and paternity leave.

• Generous compassion leave.

• Fast promotion opportunities. We have a track record for internal promotion to senior roles within the first year of employment.

• Many additional perks!


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