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Senior UI/UX Designer

Launched in 2020 by entrepreneur, chef, and restaurant industry veteran Josh Sharkey, meez is the all-in-one recipe tool for culinary professionals. A first-of-its-kind culinary operating system created for chefs, by chefs, meez is the epitome of user-friendly, built with operational empathy and ever- evolving product updates via industry feedback. meez is the tool that chefs have been waiting for, featuring offerings such as collaborative and sharable recipe databases, laser accurate ingredient costing, automated recipe scaling and conversions, customized training capabilities, specialized allergen identification and nutrition calculations, and much more. Currently in use by over 8000 chefs and across hundreds of kitchens over five continents, meez has quickly taken the culinary world by storm as the must-have recipe solution.

We're backed by some incredible VC's such as Struck Capital, Craft Ventures, Relish Works, and Branded Strategic as well as strategic investors such as Jose Andres and Think Food Group, Aurify Brands, the CEO of Bento Box, Shef, and Hospitality house, and Startup Investors Bobby Lo and Julian Shapiro.

We are projected to grow over 300% in the next 12 months. We have a lot of work and exciting milestones ahead and are looking for a hands-on Head of Customer Success & Support to join us on this journey.

Our ideal candidate is a self-starting leader who can work independently with limited supervision in a fast-paced environment. You must be a fast learner, have a user-first mentality, make data-driven decisions, and drive measurable impact. You'll be a big part of building and growing the first ever digital tool built specifically for professional culinary creators and operators.

Duties & Responsibilities

Continually educate yourself on becoming a super user of the meez platform

Work collaboratively with the Product & Engineering teams to execute on our product roadmap

Build prototypes, deliver polished screens, and oversee their pixel-perfect execution on time, all the way to production ensuring every interaction is clearly defined and


Refine and further maintain the design system that ties all of our product experiences together to both ensure a consistently intuitive user experience and an efficient development process for engineers while following brand guidelines.

Participate in strategy sessions to identify design problems and design elegant solutions

Accomplish business objectives by designing user experiences that are intuitive, functional, and create magical moments for our users

Facilitate user research and user testing to ensure every product is optimized for user experience and aligns with our principles of operational empathy

Define measurable key results to achieve objectives related to UX/UI design of the meez applications

Who Are You?:

You’re adaptable. You thrive in fast-paced, unstructured environments that require you to wear many hats and think on your feet.

You’re detail oriented. You have a keen eye for the small things and a passion for beautiful and functional design.

You're committed to excellence. You have a constant drive to improve and produce best in class product

You get s* done. You will be asked to roll up your sleeves and join the team on the ground floor, documenting how we work, setting up processes, identifying our weaknesses and thereafter proactively leading by example.

Must Haves:

5+ years of design experience, working on web and mobile applications, ideally in the B2B space

Experience collaborating with designers, engineers, and product managers

Proven understanding of the end-to-end design process, including research, prototyping, usability testing, and user research

Experience building and maintaining a reusable design system

Ability to match incredibly intuitive functionality with beautiful and simple design while maintaining brand standards

Excellent verbal communication skills and ability to soundly discuss design decisions

Detail-oriented, self-motivated with a passion for pixel perfection, consistency, organization, usability, and discoverability

Proficiency with Figma (must-have) & Webflow (nice-to-have).

Nice to haves: Experience with Google Analytics, FullStory, and After Effects (or similar application)

A passion for, or deep appreciation of, cooking and the culinary community at large.

A commitment to aligning with our core first principles (below)

Our first principles:

We instill operational empathy in all that we do

This is the bedrock of meez. We succeed because we deeply understand the plight of our culinary industry compatriots (our customers). ‍

We are results driven

Work ethic is critical to success. But we measure success not by how long or hard you worked, rather by the results you achieved!

We take ownership of work

No matter the outcome, and no matter who else is involved, we always ask ourselves, 'How am I complicit in the results or the environment that has been created?'

Ideas without data and sound logic are just opinions

Every idea is welcome at meez. The caveat is you must back your ideas with data and reasoning. What information lead you to the idea and what logic are you applying to that information to make your decision.

We work with a sense of urgency and purpose

This means even our own. There is no innovation without change and constant iteration. Always be thinking "is there a better way”

We hold ourselves to the highest standards

The same way we think about building the most incredible tool for our customers with attention to every detail, considering the look, feel, and content of our work is the same high bar we set for everything we do at meez. This means the documents you create, the agendas you set, the initiatives you plan, the shoutouts you give. It all matters. Our greatness is the sum of all of our parts.

We are pragmatic optimists

Be confident that the unimaginable can happen, be realistic about how and when it can occur, and make a plan!

Mistakes are ok. Not learning from them is not.

We can't take risks and innovate without making mistakes sometimes. But if we don't learn 'why' something happened, we can't prevent it next time. This means DOCUMENTING the why and building better process for next time.

We are open and transparent

We seek to find the truth, this means anyone on the team can and should be heard. We provide as much information as possible so there is a collective understanding of what is happening in our business.

We avoid meetings

Meetings are intended to make a collective decision that could not be done without face to face time, or for culture and team building. And if there is no agenda set, there is no reason to attend a meeting.

We question rules and norms

This means even our own. There is no innovation without change and constant iteration. Always be thinking "is there a better way"

Just be yourself

It's why you're here. We chose you because of who you are, not who we want you to be. Your personality is what makes you great. This doesn't mean we can't grow and improve our shortcomings, but it does mean that we can't do our best work if we are not genuine.

White Glove service is table stakes

If we were a restaurant, we would strive to be 3 Star Michelin. This means our service is just as important as our product. Often times customers will remember the little things we remember or help out with more than anything else.

Trust = Consistency + Time

At the end of the day, our purpose is to build the utmost trust with culinary professionals. We do this by consistently upholding our first principles in all that we do, again and again, every day.

We are constantly iterating and improving

Greatness does not happen in a day, or a week. We must constantly be thinking, “How can we make this better”. This includes everything we do, from our app, to our service, to how we operate as a team, to how we take notes, how we prepare ourselves for the day, etc. Constant incremental improvement.

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