Reify Health is hiring a

Senior Product Designer

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  • Full-Time
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🧬 Who we are

Reify Health is on a mission to fundamentally change patient care with more creative and effective systems.

Our company is made of clinical research professionals and artists skilled in many mediums. Together, we care for people who care for people, at a global- scale. We simplify complex work to give people a chance at living happy and healthy lives by improving access to new life-saving therapies.

We support each other to be healthy, happy, and have fun while doing great work together.

🔮 What you’ll do

You will design and build products that reshape how clinical research organizations and professionals interact with each other, share information, and develop beneficial, life-saving treatments.

You will work on product teams to design concepts and then iterate quickly without attachment, in response to feedback and the discovery of unforeseen challenges and constraints.

  • Learn about our product domain problems and the business goals we are solving for
  • Participate in customer interviews to learn more about their roles and challenges, validate design ideas, and discover how our product are used and how we can improve.
  • Create mockup and prototype iterations to communicate design ideas
  • Work transparently and share progress, early and often, with remote teams
  • Use and contribute to our living design system of UI patterns and documentation
  • Contribute to a culture of collaboration, learning, and knowledge sharing

🎯 Candidate Requirements

  • 6+ years of Software Product UX / UI Design experience
  • A portfolio of strong application UX / UI design and creative work
  • Working knowledge of HTML / CSS / JS and a strong interest in learning
  • Working knowledge of Git and Github
  • Working knowledge of project management tools like Trello, Jira, or Pivotal Tracker
  • Interested in designing tools to improve the lives of healthcare professionals
  • Be a good storyteller
Please mention Remote Workers when applying for this remote job at Reify Health. You're helping us to grow! Thank you!
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