Minutebook Technologies is hiring a

Senior Product Designer

  • USA Only
  • Full-Time
  • 9 applicants (100%)

MinuteBook is building a new platform at the intersection of legaltech, fintech and the startup ecosystem. We're looking for the founding senior product designer to own our brand, visual identity, product UI/UX and design system.

Led by technical founders with experience building and selling multiple successful software companies, this company, currently in stealth mode, is looking for team members who want to help shape the technology & culture of Minutebook. We’re looking for early employees with a passion for quality, speed and quality of experience.

You won't find a lot of information out there about us just yet as we’re focused on getting our product right. We are going to be the first users of the platform so we want it to be awesome. We’re about to revolutionize the way companies raise money and keep all their stakeholders (founders, employees, investors, lawyers and accountants) on the same page. We strive to increase the inclusiveness and transparency of the company building ecosystem.

We are remote although some of us like to get together to eat, climb mountains, ski, kite surf, hike and do other rad stuff if you’re into that. This is an opportunity to get into a company at its earliest stage and work with (and learn alongside) a successful, driven and proven team that will treat you as a fellow owner (not as an employee) and expect the same in return.

Our founders have launched companies that today move more than $60 billion dollars a year in online payments, virtual healthcare platforms serving millions of Canadians, brewery & winery software that tracks millions of litres of tasty beverages and have represented clients in tens of billions of dollars worth of software company sales. We've building this platform to scratch our own itch and help the next generation of company builders focus on what matters.

The Role

MinuteBook is hiring for a Senior Product Designer to join their team. Working alongside 2 technical founders, this role is ideal for someone who wants to know that they can move the needle with their work and help us create a product that we are all proud of.

The role encompasses many different areas of design and we are looking for someone who wants to be involved in the grassroots of our business. Often product design is split into different roles: UX, UI, front-end development, etc. for MinuteBook, it’s all one role. You need to own the understanding of our customers needs and the job to be done and build interactive prototypes in HTML/CSS/JS and/or Rails/Ruby. If you don’t know Rails/Ruby that is fine – but you must be able to prototype in HTML/CSS/JS.

You will own everything our users see from the public website (hint – it IS the core app), to emails we send to the core application. The words & language are as important as the colors, design and UX. We won’t saddle you with any pre-existing brand, logo, colors or other bad-decision-baggage – this is all for you to create.

We are looking for someone who wants to build out the design function alongside our technical founding team. You will have exceptional knowledge of design, UX/UI/ translating wireframes and you must be able to write your own front-end HTML and CSS (Tailwind).

We believe the best designs come from someone who can see it all through, from ideas to visuals to the finished product. This role is ideal for someone who wants ownership of the design process and understands that we are building a groundbreaking product that needs to have effortless affordance for our users. You will judge your work not only by how beautiful it is but also by how little support our customers need because the app is so easy to use.

The future of this role is bright. Eventually, we see you leading a team of UX/UI/Graphic and web designers, working side by side with the founding team and the tech team. You’ll set direction, take ownership, make calls, and see things through without a lot of oversight. You're a roll up your sleeves type of person.

In a dream world, you also love to flex your creative skills. You know that design and content matter just as much as the usefulness of an interactive wireframe.


  • A strong passion for building something from nothing.
  • Minimum 3 years of work experience in web design and designing complex workflows for technical end-users
  • High levels of proficiency with HTML/CSS/ Tailwind or Bootstrap
  • Experience with the SaaS/B2B sectors
  • Knowledge of UX/UI principles and best practices, user-centric design and user research techniques
  • Strong analytical skills, problem-solving ability, and attention to detail
  • A portfolio that demonstrates your mastery of design — typography, page layout, art direction, and color theory

Why Minutebook?

We offer the usual competitive compensation, flexible remote working environment, generous PTO… but the biggest benefit is that this is a unique opportunity to join a company at the ground level and really see your efforts make a difference. You will have the opportunity to both earn and/or purchase equity ownership in the company.

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