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Sendlane is hiring a

Product Designer

Hi, we’re Sendlane! A well-funded, high-growth SaaS startup in San Diego that’s disrupting an entire industry by influencing the way people learn about and use email marketing automation. Established in 2015, we’ve grown year over year, servicing 1,700 businesses across the world, which has been possible because we are constantly looking to out-do ourselves and evolve.

Listen, we get it. Job hunting is 100% THE worst. So, we're happy to tell you the search is over! You did it! You finally found the company of your dreams. Go ahead and give your boss the middle finger, flip your desk, knock over your cubicle and march your happy self on over to Sendlane HQ! Just kidding...we have to invite you. Please don't just show up.

Our team’s dedication to making Sendlane what it is today is humbling which is why we’re looking for that next “special someone” to help take us to the next level. That’s where you come in! Yes, you...

Our growing Product team is looking for a Product Designer. Think you’re it? Let’s talk!

Product Designers are sort of expected to “do it all”, aren’t they? You’re considering so many different elements, managing so many different moving parts and trying to bring everything together into one cohesive design that checks every box, works for the end user and still looks good. That’s a tall order! But it’s a great challenge for the right person which is why this role will be a stellar opportunity for someone who is looking to actually make an impact.

Joining our incredibly young but rapidly growing Product team, this highly collaborative role will work side by side with fellow Product Designers and report directly to the Lead UI/X Designer & VP of Product to create, maintain, improve and optimize our user interfaces and experiences. Now, when we say “highly collaborative”, we mean HIGHLY. COLLABORATIVE. Each and every day you could expect that you are not only joining forces with the Product team, but you’re interacting with engineering, you’re participating in customer feedback interviews and you’re establishing internal relationships, all of which are required to be successful in this role’s mission: To build an awesome, interactive and easy-to-use platform for our clients. Again...tall order! But for the right person, this is a dream job. Speaking of “the right person”...let’s talk about YOU for a minute :)

Through and through, YOU are ambitious, proactive and team-oriented. Of course, you have a design eye and you’ve worked on web apps before but we’ll talk about all that shortly. Right now, we’re talking about soft skills and those are YOUR soft skills. Fast-paced and intuitive, you have absolutely no problem working autonomously but at heart you’re a team player who is energized by collaboration and synergy. We all know that every job has it’s tasks but it’s big projects that keep you engaged (and great news, we have about 293840398 of them for you). Motivated by your passion for design and humbled by your understanding that you might not know it all, you’re comfortable in a setting where group discussions and feedback happen (because team work makes the dream work). At the end of the day, you’re just a cool person looking to work on a cool product with cool people in a cool office.

Sound like you? Cool.

Let’s talk more about the position and necessary qualifications for this role!

We’ve already established how critical a collaborative heart will be and that’s because you’re constantly interacting with and learning from a ton of different players. Ranging from your own peers to product managers to customers to sales to engineering to customer success...You will require a very well rounded concept of what you’re designing which means you’ll have to interface with all the different perspectives that would interact with your design. That just makes sense, doesn’t it?

Paragraphs can sometimes make a person’s eye cross, so we’ll get straight to it by listing out what your day-to-day will look like and the non-negotiables we have for your candidacy.

Here’s your very general day to day...

  • Learn and adopt our techniques and tool stack (see below)
  • Create mockups, interactive prototypes, and final designs for product initiatives.
  • Craft thoughtful user flows, rough and polished designs, and other solutions using sketch and InVision.
  • Maintain, improve and optimize our design system
  • Create user interface design, architecture, and functionality according to best practices.
  • Follow modern design principles in all aspects
  • Work closely with Product Managers to bring ideas to reality
  • Apply latest UI/X best practices
  • Collaborate closely with engineers to ensure pixel perfect delivery
  • Participate in customer interviews and internal feedback conversations
  • Research studies and incorporate insights to generate updated designs

Here’s our tool stack…

  • Sketch
  • Sketch Cloud
  • InDesign
  • InVision
  • ProductBoard
  • Pendo
  • Figma
  • Illustrator

And, finally, here are the things that would be icing on the cake if you had experience with them…

  • MarTech background
  • B2B Self Service SaaS
  • Email, SMS, CRM software
  • HTML and CSS knowledge
  • SVG knowledge
  • Iconography experience
  • Webflow
  • Any previous web development experience (coding)

Hey look, we haven’t scared you away yet! Well, you’ve made it this far so let’s talk about what’s in it for you!

We strive to ensure that our employees have the best experience possible (while still remembering that you are here to do a job). COVID put a major damper on the fun we offer in-office but we’ve adjusted pretty well! Here are the benefits we offer:

  • Health/Dental/Vision - 70% to 100% paid for by us (depends on the plan you pick)
  • Parental Leave - New parent? Congrats! We pay you for 6 weeks!
  • 401k - We match up to 4% (caveat: you need to be with us for 1+ years before this kicks in)
  • Flexible PTO - Take what you need when you need it.
  • We pay you to GO AWAY - $1000 bonus for taking time off!
  • Equipment for your home office (including a MacBook and giant monitor)
  • Monthly remote team building and consistent team engagement (we won’t force you to do Yoga with us but we will challenge you to do your best impression of the Spice Girls for $100 to Amazon)

When the pandemic is in the rearview mirror and we’re all in therapy, working through our newfound agoraphobia, we plan to remain “remote first”. This means that we’ll have our Office Headquarters open and available to anyone who wants to come in but if you’d prefer to remain a full or partially remote employee, we’ll enable you to do that!

Alas, someday we’ll be able to go back to that beautiful 12,000 sq ft space and when we do, you’ll get to reap the benefits of a fully stocked breakroom, beer and wine after 4 o’clock, standing desks, catered lunches, team trips, ping pong and a spinny chair of your very own (with 18 adjustment points!) AND, of course, actually socializing in person with people - do you remember what that’s like?

Apply before and let's chat!