Windranger is hiring a

Product Designer


Windranger Labs is a privately funded R&D center, with a mission to accelerate the next stage of DeFi's growth through ecosystem co-development, partnerships, and incubation.

We will develop core protocols for BitDAO, which potentially include: governance smart contracts, governance operational policies, treasury management smart contracts, tools for grants, tools for token swaps, BitDAO sidechains, and protocol integrations with other BitDAO partners. We will focus on DeFi products such as DEXs, vaults, aggregators, and analytics tools. These products may partner with BitDAO via token swaps or liquidity support.

Windranger Labs, from our first hire in June 2021, will grow to 50-200 employees in 2022. We’re looking for a full-time Product Designer that excels in system thinking, experience, and can translate multi-variate customer needs into a magical, simple experience across products and assets for BitDAO, Windranger, an incubated projects.

Current Products include: Governance, Automated VC, Grants Program, Asset Management Module, Grants Program, Side Chains, Vaults, Derivatives Dex. More details can be found here Windranger Product Descriptions.


  • Lead digital product design projects from research to conception to launch
  • Participate in all aspects of the design process (research, ideation, design, and user testing)
  • Convey user understanding through personas, journey maps, wireframes, user flows, and prototypes
  • Present work and supporting rationale confidently to internal and external stakeholders
  • Maintain and evolve toolkits, design systems, and brand collateral
  • Contribute to the overall growth, productivity, and culture of the Windranger design team
  • Collaborate with multidisciplinary teams and advocate for design excellence across theBitDAO community
  • Help grow, mentor, and guide the design team as well as BitDAO design partners through collaboration and leadership
  • Organize and lead workshops, design reviews, user interviews, and internal lessons
  • Contribute to strategic decisions around the future direction of BitDAO products andecosystem
  • Have opportunities to join and lead successful incubated projects that leave Windranger labs


  • 5+ years of experience designing mobile and web-based software (service design, native apps, platforms, web-based tools, and transactional responsive sites)
  • Degree in design, art, new media, human factors, behavioural science, or relevant experience
  • Deep understanding of the product design process, design thinking, design tools, and methodologies
  • Ability to build user empathy and translate business understanding to beautiful human-centered design
  • A knack for visualizing complex data or processes through elegant interfaces and diagrams
  • Strong command of layout, iconography, typography, and information architecture
  • Humble yet able to defend design decisions using data, a solid design philosophy, and creative process
  • A passion for exploring new design methods, processes, tools, and emerging technologies
  • Portfolio showcasing case studies and process behind your visual and interaction design

You will stand out if

  • Participated in the greater design community through speaking, writing, hosting events, and showcasing work
  • Knowledge of front-end development languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, etc.
  • Experience with 3D modelling software⁃ Experience building UI libraries and design systems
  • Experience working or passion in Web3, DeFi and decentralized organizations


1.Collaborative - we look to work collaboratively with public facing files that internal and external stakeholders can comment on and contribute to. We look to manage key decisions via committee with a formal voting and veto process.

2. Process/Product Owners - We look to hire experienced individuals who can oversee workstreams independently. This requires a thorough understanding of the goals and development direction of the company. We want individuals who ask "I want to do this, what do you think?" and not "what should I do next?". Ideas need to be coupled with the ability to draft detailed requirements and coordinate implementation with internal and external teams.

3. Goal Orientated - We care about capability and ability to contribute. We are agnostic towards your background, location, preferred working hours.

4. Self Improvement - We expect employees to learn about crypto, DeFi, BitDAO and other Windranger Labs product roadmap. Employees are advocates for Windranger Labs and BitDAO, and can attract further talent and partners to join us.

5. Focused and Impactful - We look build widely adopted and highly-valued products. We look to partner and co-develop with future category leaders.

A bit about you

  • You care about decentralization and want to contribute to permissionless and borderless finance at scale.
  • You believe DeFi will become a trillion dollar sector.
  • You want to co-develop with top DeFi projects and talented individuals.
  • You want to gain exposure to Venture and Asset Management via other Windranger business units.
  • You value a flexible work environment. Windranger is a distributed company and will hire the best talent regardless of where you live.
  • You are prepared to help build the organization from zero, providing value outside of your functional area.


We're committed to offering competitive compensation packages that reflect your experience and value added to the project.

  • Base in Local currency or USDT, paid monthly
  • BIT tokens vested every 6 months over 5 years
  • Other milestone incentives
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