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Product Designer

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This job is for Power( posted via Parallel. This is a full-time role.

🏹 The role

We're building our foundational team and looking for a senior product designer to leave their mark on Power. You'll have an immediate and direct influence on the products we choose to build. Ideally, you're a product designer at heart with some strong opinions on UX and research. You're looking to design a company, not a set of features.

Given how early we are, you'll have tremendous impact on:

  • Our company culture
  • Our design philosophy
  • The people we hire
  • The products we deliver

While we have a product live, we expect this person to play a central role in shaping all of our design decisions moving forward (from our product to our brand).

🤔 Some of the problems we'll be working on

We don't believe in strict job requirements, but if these problems sound fun and familiar, you're probably well suited for this gig:

  1. Building a delightful product for patients
  2. Helping patients discover and assess clinical trial options in the face of complex medical jargon
  3. Establishing a design philosophy and system for our company
  4. Going deep on the patient and researcher experience to be a representative of their voice on our team (qualitatively and quantitatively)
  5. Designing products that play nice with the workflows of healthcare operators

🔎 The product

Power is the most patient-friendly marketplace resource for clinical trials.

  • Comprehensive: we make it easy to search across every trial in North America so patients never feel like they have blind spots
  • Simple: we apply a healthy amount of data engineering and empathy to the reams of unstructured medical data on clinical trials to simplify things for patients that are trying to evaluate potential trials
  • Connected: we help patients proactively reach out to the researchers directly and researchers love connecting with motivated patients

👋 The team

We're a team of experienced marketplace operators with backing from some of the best across health tech and pharma.

Please mention Remote Workers when applying for this remote job at Parallel. You're helping us to grow! Thank you!
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