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Product Designer

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    About Appsmith

    Appsmith is one of the fastest growing low code platforms with users in 150+ countries. We are an open-source low code platform that is used to build internal enterprise apps. We are a fully remote and distributed team across the globe.

    See our GitHub repo with 16,000+ stars here:

    We’ve raised $10.5mn in funding. Read Here

    Company Vision

    The best companies in the world have the best internal applications which enable their employees to excel and be more productive.

    In the future custom software developed for internal users will look and work no differently than the best out-of-the-box SAAS products of the future. Internal users will demand great UX, great customer support, and great reliability from their in-house development teams.

    Appsmith is the easiest way to build polished custom internal applications. Our product will enable developers to build, deploy and maintain custom software quickly and painlessly. We’ll be the first port of call for developers when they are tasked with building internal apps because we’ll increase the speed of development, testing, and iteration by 10X.

    What do we value?

    Above all, we value a growth mindset. As a team of learners, we read, talk to people and listen to feedback constantly. We love working with people who have strong opinions, weakly held. Self starters and ambitious people form the backbone of our team. Do you want to work on bigger projects? Are you comfortable setting large goals and then accomplishing them? We value consistency and reliability. For example, sticking to committed deadlines, showing up on time etc. We believe that predictability makes teams run a lot smoother. It’s the little things that matter. Attention to detail shows that we empathize with our users, our colleagues and anyone else that we interact with. Are you a practical optimist? Our founding team strongly believes in a better future. We believe in playing our part to make that future a reality.

    What will you be doing

    • Our target audience is developers. Your goal is to design product features and flows that are as simple as possible.
    • Our product has a complicated UX, and you will be responsible for designing it in a way that's easy to understand and visually pleasing.
    • You’ll need to walk the fine line between the simplicity of use and the complexity of features.
    • You’ll play a key role in deciding features and their implementation in collaboration with engineers.
    • Work closely with users and engineers to understand requirements and design the interactions
    • Develop process flows, wireframes, and mockups to communicate high-level design strategies or detailed interaction behaviors effectively
    • Design flows and experiences that convert complex app workflows into an absolute delight
    • Provide high-quality mockups and prototypes
    • Contribute to our product design language, both in style & structure
    • Ideate and brainstorm with other teams on products, features, and enhancements to take the product to the next level.

    Must have skills

    • 5+ years of UI/UX and product design experience
    • Experience working with product team from research phases of a project through delivery to engineering
    • You can visually communicate an idea by creating quick, low-fidelity mockups such as pencil sketches.
    • A clear sense and taste in good visual design
    • Excellent presentation and communication skills to get the team on board with your vision
    • Understanding of component-based design systems
    • Ability to thrive in startups with a fast-paced environment and take ownership for working through ambiguity

    What is the recruitment process?

    As a small team, it’s imperative that all of us get to know each other before taking the leap. We want to ensure you succeed in your role within our team. Each conversation (video conference) with us will last about 60 mins. Typically the whole process takes between 2 - 10 business days depending on your and our schedules.

    1. Introductory call: A phone call with one of the founders that give us a chance to introduce our company product to you as well as get to know you. If you find our product vision interesting exciting for you to work on, we will move to the next steps.
    2. A conversation about your past work and portfolio evaluation.
    3. Design problem discussion: This is a remote design discussion to discuss 1 or 2 design problems and work through their solutions.

    Culture fit conversation: Interviews with founders and team members to ensure that there is a culture-fit.

    Extending an offer: If all goes well, we will extend an offer, which includes financial benefits, equity stock grants, and any other benefits.


    • Budget to setup your home office
    • Medical insurance for self and dependants
    • Self-education budget for books, courses, and conferences
    • Flexible holiday schedule
    Please mention Remote Workers when applying for this remote job at Appsmith. You're helping us to grow! Thank you!
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