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Anedot is hiring a

Product Designer

Impactful, Permanently Remote Work at Anedot

Are you curious (always learning) and passionate about product with a heart to serve campaigns, churches, nonprofits, ministries, and schools? Do you want to join a fast paced team with mindset to try almost anything and not be bound by red-tape? Do you want to be part of a high performing team that cares about you beyond what you do at work? Do you want your efforts and decisions to have near-immediate impact on next generation fundraising and payments software that helps amazing organizations fund extraordinary missions around the world? Do you lay awake at night thinking about Figma components or ways to improve customer user experience? If so keep reading!

If you are…

  • passionate about serving our customer base (learn more
  • a servant hearted product designer with experience building SaaS applications as a UI/UX designer (or similar role)
  • Humble, egoless with a love for serving customers
  • Skilled in the art of communication and collaboration

and you REALLY enjoy…

  • Using Figma ❤️
  • Building aesthetically pleasing software applications with a simple user experience ✨
  • Working in a "forever remote" environment that values creating lasting impact over short-sighted profit.

And live in Alabama, California, Colorado, Florida, Idaho, Kansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, Washington, Wisconsin or Saskatchewan, Canada then keep reading.


Product Designer will contribute to Anedot's Product Team by working on our Design team, and are led by our CEO.

  • Engineering(Software Engineering, Infrastructure)
  • Finance(Accounting)
  • Growth(Marketing)
  • Customer Experience (Support & Success)
  • Legal(Legal/Compliance, Accounts)
  • People Experience(More than "HR" - think Care Team and Recruiting)
  • Product(Design, Product Management / QA)

What You'll Need to be Successful in this Role

  • High level proficiency with Figma to help craft user flows and experiences.
  • Ability to learn new features and implement into our process
  • Passion for helping to align the product design with product vision
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills with a love for collaboration
  • Dedication to pursue being a lifelong learner

Nice to have — experience conducting user research and building user personas to help improve design decisions; technical expertise to advise on proper data architecture to support application; and experience as an in-house product designer — but not a requirement!

What Success Looks Like in this Role

  1. Detailed notes and keeping things organized so that we can design and implement beautiful and user friendly designs
  2. Facilitate successful cross team collaboration with stakeholders in Engineering, Growth, and Marketing.
  3. Ensure the customers voice is a primary focus when advising on design decisions
  4. Capturing relevant feedback and metrics post implementation to inform future UX/UI decisions
  5. Provide clear communication of product UI/UX decisions across the business

How We Measure Success in this Role

  • Periodic informal feedback and review of work

Technical Info

  • Figma
  • ClickUp

Anedot is a "forever remote" fintech company with a unique and esteemed "people first" culture rooted in the Southern Louisiana culture of hospitality. Our team of 50+ employees lives out our culture of freedom and responsibility while engaging in meaningful work in order to serve our valued customer base. Anedot believes in the value of a healthy work-life balance and encourages employees to find the right balance between their personal and professional lives. In addition, Anedot believes in developing each team member both personally and professionally. Read more about "The Anedot Way" on our Careers Page. (see links below)

Company values

See our careers page for more information.


See our careers page for perks and benefits information.

Terms of Employment at Anedot

  • Permanently remote
  • At-will employment
  • Full-time, exempt


We’re actively looking for the right person for this role but want to make sure that each new hire is the right fit for Anedot, and Anedot is the right fit for the new hire. Because of this, we may say “no” to candidates after an interview or two even if we do not have someone else particularly in mind if we feel that its not the right fit one way, or another.

  • Please note that we’re unable to offer individual feedback during the screening process. Our hiring team simply doesn’t have the bandwidth to offer personalized feedback before the interview stage.
Please mention Remote Workers when applying for this remote job at Anedot. You're helping us to grow! Thank you!
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