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Akkio is hiring a

Product Designer

  • USA Only
  • Full-Time
  • 18 applicants

About the Role

This is a rare opportunity to get in on the ground floor of a well-funded AI startup backed by top VCs. You will be the first design hire and will report directly to the designer co-founder. Offers come with substantial equity grants and our culture is built around shared wins, so success drives large career, financial, and personal growth.

AI will transform every industry – but only when it’s accessible to everyone, not just data scientists. Akkio makes it simple to take advantage of the power of AI by combining highly efficient machine learning with a simple and easy to use interface. We’re looking for data savvy, analytical designers to expand and refine Akkio’s user experience. To be the right fit you must believe in our mission and be excited to work in a dynamic startup team.

Akkio just closed a Series A in January 2023 and we are now scaling our team. For more information visit or on Twitter at and LinkedIn.

  • Have the ability to reduce complex problems down to the right balance of flexibility, power, and ease of use
  • Have experience designing data tools, business tools, and/or dashboard-based products
  • Think in systems and are able to extrapolate and extend shared patterns and behaviors
  • Are skilled in explaining your work, process, and decisions to cross-functional stakeholders and crave feedback to help you produce your best work
  • Inject a high level of craft into all stages of your work, regardless of the fidelity of the design, and keep pushing your work until all details are attended to
  • Are able to conduct competent user research and synthesize findings into coherent designs
  • Love working with other designers to help them learn and grow—and have them help you learn and grow
  • Have 2+ years relevant design experience building products


  • Work in highly collaborative fashion with product managers, engineers, sales to define both long-term strategy and short-term tactics
  • Design early product concepts and conduct quickly field test concepts with end users
  • Contribute to product growth through experimentation and optimization of existing user journeys
  • Create pixel perfect designs, and sometimes prototype in code or Webflow at a high fidelity level
  • Sometimes work on very broadly defined, loose concepts, and sometimes on narrowly defined, clear deliverables
  • Develop and expand product design systems in collaboration with other designers
  • Participate in design reviews and share your work regularly with the design and leadership teams

This position is remote, but the employee must reside in the US.

About Akkio

Machine learning without the learning curve! Imagine a world where data analysts, managers, financial analysts, and operations pros had the power of AI to forecast the future, provide insights with data, and make data-driven decisions to help their businesses thrive. Akkio makes AI accessible to everyone, not just Data Scientists and Machine Learning Engineers. Akkio’s platform combines state-of-the-art ML technology with a simple, intuitive interface to enable a new generation of AI-powered businesses.

Akkio just closed a Series A in January 2023 and we are now scaling our team. For more information visit or on Twitter at and LinkedIn.

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