sorta rad is hiring a

Physical Product Designer

Do you like to make stuff? Wanna make stuff with us?

You'll be working on creating designs for physical products (shirts, mugs, posters, etc) for our own brands as well as IP that we licensed (our newest one is Valiant Comics).

We aren't looking for a cog in a machine. We want someone who has ideas and is willing to share them. We want someone who is willing to learn new things and push their skills with us. You are free to keep doing your own thing, we won't restrict what you can and cannot do on your own time.

Fine Print

  • Remote: Work wherever and whenever you want. We don't care as long as the work gets done.
  • Competitive Pay: We'll make sure you don't have to eat instant ramen and live with your parents.
  • No Requirements: We don't care how many years of experience you have or your education, etc. All we care is you can help us make cool stuff.
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