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We’re looking for our first full-time designer to take ownership of all our products and journeys (merchants, recipients, drivers and warehouse apps) and push them to the next level through great design and research. The challenge is massive in terms of surface and depth so we’re dreaming of someone ready to care about every pixel of our apps, the shine of our aquamarine colour- shifting van wrappings and the last fold of our drivers uniforms.

Designing all these things well is not easy, that’s why most couriers suck! And that’s also why we think this is a very exciting challenge for a designer to solve.

As a company we’re on a mission to empower independent businesses across the UK to offer the best deliveries on Earth. We’ve grown rapidly over the last six months, almost all through inbound word of mouth and referrals from existing customers. Alongside that, we’ve built a best-in-class product and logistics experience, both for our customers and their customers; and we’re now ready to supercharge our growth.

What you’ll be doing day to day:

  • Owning all design from conception to reality. Zooming in and out, jumping from big strategic product questions to deciding the right shade for a shadow or tweaking something in our Webflow site. From a spoon to the city so to speak.
  • Talking with users (merchants, recipients, drivers, warehouse folks) and understanding their needs, building a strong vision but staying open to change your mind as you learn more.
  • Looking at data and building insights to combine with your designer intuition and solid understanding of universal design principles.
  • Solving meaningful problems without spending one second on corporate fluff and stakeholder management. Here you won’t need to touch Google Slides to get your job done, just focus on designing, building and shipping something great.
  • Getting hands-on, going out with drivers to do deliveries or handling packages in the depot, to get an end-to-end understanding of the problems we’re trying to solve.

🏡 Logistics

This role is based at Packfleet HQ (a cool railway arch) in Bermondsey, London. We currently aim to spend at least 2 days/week together in the office and working remotely the rest of the time. This keeps us close to the drivers and the physical elements of our business whilst also giving flexibility for remote working.

💌 How to apply

You can apply here in just a few minutes, and if you have any questions or queries you’re welcome also to drop an email to as well.

💛 Our commitment to diversity

We care deeply about creating a diverse team so we particularly encourage applications from people from different underrepresented demographics and encourage you, regardless of your background and past experience, to apply if the role excites you.

If we want to solve problems for people across the UK (and one day around the world), our team has to represent those we’re solving them for. So we need to attract the best talent and create an environment that supports and includes everyone.


You should apply if:

  • You seek for simplicity in everything you design, constantly shrinking problems, fighting complexity until your solutions look obvious and almost inevitable.
  • You’re a product designer but also a strong visual designer with experience designing brand pieces and preparing assets for print when needed. Someone who has mastered Figma or Sketch but also knows their way around art-working, how to handle colour profiles and all that jazz.
  • You’re not a user researcher but research is a fundamental part of your toolbox. You can run a proper user interview or a survey with ease as part of your design process.
  • You’re a good writer and know how to communicate effectively both through your design work and your collaboration skills.
  • You try out new products all the time and have developed a refined taste of what great looks like.
  • You’re comfortable getting hands-on in a very early stage startup environment. We’re a small team so you’ll be involved in tons of zero-to-one projects.
  • You’re comfortable putting something out there when it’s not perfectly polished to gather feedback, whether that’s an MVP of a feature or your thoughts on a design.
  • You care about the team and culture we are building, and understand the importance of giving feedback and supporting others around you.
  • You’re excited about what we’re doing! We’re a technology company working in a very traditional industry and that gives us a huge opportunity to build something truly different.


What you’ll get:

  • A competitive internally-transparent salary and stock options in Packfleet, with the choice to trade-off salary for additional stock options on signing. The range for this role, based on level/seniority and salary trade-off, is £60,000 - £110,000 alongside meaningful equity.
  • Experience at an early stage startup, with some of the people who took Monzo from zero-to-one and led their design and marketing teams.
  • Be at the right place and the right time to shape a world-class design function as we grow. A great launchpad if you ever want to get into management and leadership.
  • Work at a company cofounded by a designer. You’ve heard that trope of “design having a seat at the table?”, well, design at Packfleet literally seats at the board of directors.
  • A company & culture that cares about the people within it, with benefits like health insurance, mental health days-off, a learning budget, internally-transparent salaries and 30 days holiday (inc. bank holidays) with top-ups & unpaid holiday if you need more.
  • Our Community Day on the last Monday of every month: a paid day off, to spend doing something you enjoy with others in the team, rest and recuperate, or a bit of both.
  • A budget to spend at our merchants every month, as well as free deliveries through Packfleet, so you can support independent businesses and also get the Packfleet experience first hand.
  • The equipment you need to work to your best with top of the line MacBooks, 5K screens, any design books you want, devices for prototyping, Pantone colour guides, nice printers and all the good stuff.
Please mention Remote Workers when applying for this remote job at Packfleet. You're helping us to grow! Thank you!
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