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Whimsical is hiring a

Senior Data Analyst

Whimsical is an end-to-end SaaS platform for shaping ideas. Our software enables thousands of customers—from individuals to Fortune 500—to think and collaborate in the new era of distributed work.

We’re now looking for a Senior Data Analyst to take part in our efforts to build tools that make online work better.

About The Role

As a Senior Data Analyst you will be an essential part of our product, growth and customer teams and help us understand the world of Whimsical. Data is at the core of all major decisions at Whimsical and therefore you will be at the epicenter of the company taking part in many different projects, mostly in product and growth but sometimes also in Finance, Customer Experience or HR.

You will be reporting to our VP Product Niklas Stephenson and you will be our first Data Analyst.

Your responsibilities include:

  • Analyze and explain complex business problems and issues using data from internal and external sources to provide insight to decision-makers.
  • Identify and understand trends in our big datasets.
  • Construct forecasts, recommendations and strategic/tactical plans based on our data and market knowledge.
  • Create ad-hoc reports and key dashboards when needed by the business.
  • Explore our data, tell stories and educate us on all the things we are missing.
  • Work together with Product Managers, leadership or other stakeholders in the organization on per-project based data explorations and tasks.

Your first quarter at Whimsical

At the end of your first quarter at Whimsical you will:

  • Feel at home, get to know the awesome people here and learn how we work
  • Also feel at home in our vast data sets and sources
  • Understand the core flows of our product and what data they produce
  • Understand our business model and the core commercial numbers and data sources
  • Be a part of your first few projects where the data you have delivered is at it’s core
  • Have taught Niklas (our VP of Product) some SQL.

About You

We’re looking for someone with a proven track record as a data analyst in rapidly growing SaaS companies.

  • You have a deep understanding of working with data in the context of a product organization.
  • Comfortable operating as a manager of one
  • You are good at communicating your findings so non-data people can understand the value of what the data shows us.
  • 5 years of experience working as a data analyst
  • Comfortable with the fast-paced, ambiguous environment of a start-up

What We Offer

- 100% Remote : We’re spread from Latvia to New Zealand and we’ve got you covered if you prefer to work from a coworking space.

- Salary : Annual salary starting at $134,277

- Equity : starting at 0.27%

- Vacation:4 weeks of paid time off each year

- Parental Leave: 4 weeks paid by company

- Equipment:We provide all the tech you need to work successfully.

- Summits:We try to bring everyone together at least twice a year when possible

- Pension*: 401k with 6% company matching

- Health Insurance* : Paid by company for you and dependents

You can read more about how we think about compensation on our blog.

* Availability may depend on your location and our current administrative capabilities there.About Whimsical

Whimsical was founded in 2017 by Kaspars Dancis and Steve Schoeffel to help teams be more effective in the distributed and fully digital work environment.

Whimsical's product is expressive, fast, and delightful. We believe that software should spark joy, not dread.

We are a remote-first company and big proponents of remote work because it democratizes the opportunities for people everywhere.

Our operating philosophy is based on set of core principles, such as:

- Sustainability: We don't believe in growth at all costs. Growth is a fundamental part of a healthy existence but we want it to be in balance with sustainability and bounded by ethical behavior. We strive to work calm, 40-hour work weeks. Whimsical is also committed to doing our part towards sustainable future for the planet.

- Craftsmanship: We care deeply about our work. We are specialists, eager learners, and persistent in our pursuit of quality work. We're patient and committed because building great things takes time.

- Long-term focus: We're building Whimsical for the long-haul, not a quick exit. We avoid shortcuts and consider every key decision from a 10+ year perspective.

- Partnership Mindset: We’ve built the company around the idea that everybody who joins us should feel like they are partners in the business. Time is precious and we want Whimsical to be the place where people invest their time rather than sell it. Our equity offers are 100% transparent and above market average. We also pay everyone at the same level the same salary, no matter where they live.

Please mention Remote Workers when applying for this remote job at Whimsical. You're helping us to grow! Thank you!