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Generally Intelligent is hiring a

Machine Learning Engineer

  • Worldwide
  • Full-Time
  • 19 applicants (15%)


As a remote machine learning engineer, you’ll work very closely with a senior member of our research team on cutting-edge deep learning research, infrastructure, and tooling towards the goal of creating general human-like machine intelligence.

Example projects

• Implement a self-supervised network using contrastive and reconstruction losses.

• Create a library on top of PyTorch to enable efficient network architecture search.

• Open source internal tools.

• Implement networks from newly published papers.

• Work on tools for simple distributed parallel training of deep neural networks.

• Develop more realistic simulations for training our agents.

• Design automated methods and tools to prevent common issues with neural network training (e.g. overfitting, vanishing gradients, dead ReLUs, etc).

• Create visualizations to help us deeply understand what our networks learn and why.

You are

• Very comfortable writing Python.

• Familiar with PyTorch and training deep neural networks.

• Excited to work on open source code.

• Passionate about engineering best practices.

• Self-directed and independent.

• Excellent at getting things done


• Work directly on creating software with human-like intelligence

• Very generous compensation

• Flexible working hours

• Work remotely

• Time and budget for learning and self improvement

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