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Pearl Bridge Partners is hiring a

Data Scientist

We are looking for a brilliant, creative data scientist to join our team in investigating large, complex data sets and communicating the story the data tells.

About Us

Pearl Bridge Partners is a consultancy that works with data-intensive companies around the world. We develop custom algorithms that directly improve our clients’ profitability by helping them get actionable insights from their data fast, accurately, and automatically. Our team’s recent projects have included building algorithms to recommend products, detect fraud, set prices efficiently, and fingerprint users from their behavior. We’re always working on new, fascinating challenges.

You should excel at the following skills:

  • Statistical analysis (e.g. regressions and A/B testing)
  • Deep understanding of the math behind the statistical techniques (e.g. combinatorics)
  • Writing code to process data and test statistical hypotheses (e.g. Python or R scripts)
  • Exploring, probing, and problem solving to understand data that at first appears opaque
  • Strong communication skills, especially in writing
  • Experience with advanced statistical techniques is helpful but not required (e.g. PCA, econometrics)


You will be part of a team that designs and builds novel, cutting-edge algorithms. When we design new algorithmic solutions, our process begins with deeply understanding the data available and how it relates to the business problems our clients face. We search for patterns in the data and then design algorithms that can exploit those patterns to directly improve our client’s business.

Your other team members include world-class programmers, architects, product managers, and algorithm designers. Your role will be to lead the initial investigations into the data available, organize tests of the algorithms as they are developed, and understand idiosyncratic behavior that may be caused by our bugs, bugs in our client’s code, or any number of other surprises.

Your ability to think through problems thoroughly and learn fast is more important than your existing knowledge. We take a fast-paced, nimble approach to our work. We want you to keep your eyes peeled for potential patterns, quirks, or things that don’t quite seem like what you expected, and then chase down the thread of discovery until you can tell a story about why the data looks the way it does. We expect you to attend to every detail carefully while keeping in mind how it relates to the big picture.

We are generally flexible on when and where you work, as long as you get your work done, and you make time for scheduled meetings. Most of the team works during business hours either in Europe or the Americas.

Compensation will be a combination of salary and a performance bonus, initially set depending on your experience. Our total pay package is generous so that we can attract and retain the best talent.

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