Perfect Keto is hiring a

Data Analyst

Data Analyst


Austin, Texas, United States


Full time


Perfect Keto is seeking a Data Analyst to join our team, where you’ll use data to optimize our core operations, understand the levers behind company growth, and identify areas of opportunity for our products. As a team, we lean on a full-stack set of methodologies and tools to solve these problems, taking a data science problem from an initial open ended question to the eventual business implementation of a model. This role will be focused on some of Perfect Keto’s most critical optimization areas such as margin, supply chain, and growth marketing

Why Perfect Keto?

70% of Americans are overweight, 50% are managing at least one chronic disease and on prescription medications, and over 40% have diabetes or prediabetes. The problem isn’t that people are lazy, it’s that our food system is making them sick.

Big Food is killing people because all they care about are profits for their shareholders. They produce garbage products and put billions into marketing the status quo and confusing consumers so they buy cheap mass-manufactured ingredients that are engineered to hijack your biology. We’re here to take them on. But not just them.

The vast majority of hot new “better for you” brands are just as evil. They masquerade as healthy, but they’re not. Maybe they don’t use the same artificial and chemical ingredients as some of the old guys, but it doesn’t mean they are healthy. They are still refining sugars, grains, and seed oils and combining them with fillers and additives you don’t need all while trying to tell you it’s a health food.

A ketogenic diet is an incredible tool to help people reverse their ills, but only if done correctly. No more chugging butter and slamming bacon endlessly. We want to help people be healthy, so we make products, education, and a platform that makes it easy.

We’re here to stand up for those who don’t have the time to make informed decisions. We’re obsessed with providing value to the world by helping other people on their journey to be healthy. We want to create a bridge for people who are eating a Standard American Diet and help them replace the junk they are eating on the way to eating real food sourced locally.

This isn’t an easy fight, but it’s one we choose with pride. Are you ready to fight with us?

(Even though this sounds serious, we love to have fun while we do all of this ass kicking. We just get a little fired up sometimes! )


  • Work with business stakeholders to design robust metrics, analysis, and self service reporting around key questions
  • Perform custom analysis to help Perfect Keto understand its customer better, improve the business, and build better products
  • Rationalize, explore, vet, and productionize new datasets
  • Provide timely insights to support decision making up to the senior leadership level
  • Research and identify new levers driving operational and product efficiency
  • Prototype predictive models around areas such as growth marketing and pricing


  • BA/BS in a quantitative or computing focused degree
  • 3+ years of work experience, with at least two years industry experience wrangling and analyzing large datasets to solve open ended problems
  • Previous experience working with user growth frameworks and understand user behaviors
  • Proficiency in SQL, especially in translating business or scientific questions into queries
  • Some proficiency in R or Python, with an emphasis on data manipulation and visualization
  • Strong fundamentals in statistics, metrics, and probability
  • Adept communicator, especially when distilling complex concepts for a general audience
  • Exposure to the fields of customer lifecycle marketing, logistics, demand planning, operations, or finance
  • Ability to work on a small but highly productive team
  • Experience with data analytics and visualization software like Mode & Looker
  • Strong leadership skills, communication abilities, and emotional intelligence
  • Extremely organized and process-oriented


How can we help other people be healthy if we don’t take care of ourselves?

We don’t spend crazy amounts of money on luxurious pinball machines and fancy offices ( who works at those anymore anyway? ) and instead invest into the things we think can help make you a better human.

  • Salary: We pay top of the market because we want the best people at our company.
  • Office Hours: You design your own workday. Work whenever you want, from wherever you want.
  • Vacation & Holidays: We have a strict two week minimum of vacation taken per year, and anything over that is unlimited and up to you. Take any holiday you want, but also feel free to work on any holiday you want.
  • Health insurance: We offer medical insurance coverage options. We also provide no-cost dental and vision coverage for all employees.
  • 401k Plan: We offer a 401k plan so you can tuck away your hard-earned cash tax-free.
  • Nutrition: You get a monthly budget to invest in getting fresh food locally.
  • Fitness: You get a monthly budget to invest in a gym membership, personal trainer, yoga classes, and anything else that helps you increase your physical fitness.
  • Books: You get a free Kindle and four books per month.
  • Meditation: We cover any app or class you use to improve your meditation consistency.
  • Continued Learning: We cover anything that increases your work skills and provide a monthly budget for developing any personal skills you desire. Do you want to learn Spanish? How to do pottery? We have you covered.
  • Free product: You need to be able to brag about how awesome Perfect Keto products are, so team members get free products for their personal use.
  • Retreats: Having fun is one of our core values. Join us on our all expenses paid retreats to fantastic locations.
  • Parental Leave: Take the time you need to take care of your baby and yourself. Work will be there when you come back.
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