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Customer Success Manager

  • Worldwide
  • Full-Time
  • $90,000 - $100,000

    Hiring from: Worldwide
    Work Hours: U.S. (EST or PST) Time Zones.

    About Us:

    We are a company specializing in Operations-as-a-Service, offering a unique blend of automation, specialized human expertise, and strategic consulting to support the growth of dynamic enterprises. Our approach begins by thoroughly understanding our clients' objectives and the challenges they face. We break down these objectives and challenges into actionable processes, which we manage through a combination of automated and human-driven tasks. We firmly believe in automating wherever possible, while also recognizing the importance of human oversight for optimal operations.

    Our team consists of over 85 strategic team members who have a stake in our company's success (referred to as "Partners"), along with 2000+ team members responsible for delivering our services and essential company functions (referred to as "Agents" and "Specialists").

    We are driven by the following principles:

    • Mission: We aim to unleash the creative potential of individuals and businesses, serving as the driving force behind innovation.
    • Clients: Our clients are pioneers in innovation, spanning industries from AI to insurance to solar, and they are recognized leaders in technology and strategy.
    • Ownership: We uphold ownership as our guiding value, empowering each team member to act as the "CEO" of their area and take initiative in problem-solving.
    • Meritocracy: We believe that value creation should determine one's level of responsibility and compensation, promoting alignment within the team.
    • Transparency: In our fully remote organization, transparency is essential, and we believe that information known to one should be shared with all.

    About the Customer Success Team

    Our Customer Success team is on a mission to position our company as a trusted advisor to the leadership teams of influential organizations worldwide. We assist these teams in translating their innovative ideas into seamless execution. We start by deeply understanding our clients' needs and then craft integrated solutions that blend human expertise with technology, unlocking significant business value.

    Your Role:

    As a Customer Success Manager, your primary focus will be on creating an exceptional client experience that not only delights our clients but also sets us apart from the competition. Our engagement model is currently a key differentiator, and in this role, you will be tasked with continuously elevating the client experience.

    Leveraging your comprehensive knowledge of our company and an eagerness to explore industry best practices, you will unlock the full potential of our offerings for each client. Your responsibilities will include disseminating industry insights across clients, reimagining the client onboarding process, and orchestrating engaging business review meetings.

    Furthermore, you will serve as the voice of the customer within our organization, conveying feedback to our Product, Sales, Marketing, and Technology teams. Importantly, you will have the autonomy to create entirely new experiences that solidify our position as an invaluable partner.


    • Develop and oversee the end-to-end customer experience, encompassing onboarding and ongoing engagement.
    • Monitor and evaluate customer health.
    • Identify opportunities for upselling and cross-selling, collaborating with the account management team.
    • Propose and implement enhancements to processes, materials, and frameworks, ensuring we consistently deliver an exceptional customer experience as we scale.


    • 3-5 years of experience in managing customer relationships at scale, ideally in Customer Success, Account Management, or Management Consulting.
    • Ability to think strategically and proactively address customer needs.
    • Proficiency in nurturing and maintaining customer relationships.
    • Expertise in forecasting retention risks, implementing mitigation strategies, and managing renewals for a portfolio of clients.
    • Comfort with identifying upsell and expansion opportunities.
    • Strong written and verbal communication skills.
    • Exceptional organizational skills with meticulous attention to detail, along with the ability to prioritize and manage time effectively.
    • Capability to engage with decision-makers across all levels of organizations.

    Compensation & Benefits:

    • Work Hours: U.S. (EST or PST) Time Zones.
    • Annual base salary of $90,000, with the potential for up to $15,000 in quarterly bonuses, along with equity ownership.
    • Opportunities for additional equity through promotions and share re-distribution via buybacks.
    • Healthcare benefits or stipend options.
    • Flexible work schedule and unlimited vacation days.