Quote Velocity is hiring a

Seeking PHP/MySQL Picasso

This is a long term full-time position

IMPORTANT: Please, for the love of the computer science Gods, watch this video before reading further: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1IAG82ZVlpMV8CxxxpoD7mNkH65KRLUW-/view?usp=sharing

Now, on to the nuts and bolts...

Who WE Are

We are an online lead generation and marketing company looking for a mid/senior-level backend engineer to create and maintain websites and applications. You must be highly experienced in database management and PHP/Laravel.

Our team takes pride in operating in a radically truthful, idea meritocracy. We work together to find solutions to problems, prioritize tasks, and execute with deep, focused effort.

You'll be joining a young group of highly motivated, fast-paced business owners that will expect you to hold yourself to the highest standards of code quality and work ethic.


- You identify when it's necessary to build things CORRECTLY vs. when to build them QUICKLY

- You invest personal time in self-development and improving your craft

- You are HONEST about your capabilities

- You have a GROWTH mindset

- You enjoy caffeine, a lot

Explicit Experience Requirements

→ MySQL 5.7, PHP 7.4: 5+ years

→ Laravel: 4+ years

→ API development and integration: 4+ years

→ Proper indexing and query strategies: 4+ years

→ Bugsnag

→ If not from USA: C1 level of English (Fluent), must work EST hours (6 am-4 pm)

→ Git source control

Example Tasks

→ Build/manage Marketing API's between 3rd party Advertising Platforms

→ Build/manage Data API's between internal systems and various SaaS platforms

→ Build/manage custom data storing logic and developing relationships between data

→ Build/manage performance reports to provide marketing/operations with better insights on customer/data monetization

→ Database Management, Storage and Security

→ Work with 3rd party lead providers on API integrations

→ Management of server & website performance

→ Write documentation for backend logic to help improve visibility for operations

→ Integrate various marketing pixels/webhook URL’s

→ Adding / Altering complex chain of events on lead (data) submit

→ Reviewing daily Bugsnag/Telescope/server errors and properly prioritizing and fixing Unhandled exceptions

There will be a 3-step coding challenge. If you clear the first 2 we will compensate you for your time for the third.

If of the above does not "feel right": please move on to another opportunity.

Else: we look forward to hearing from you!