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Finance Manager

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Finance Manager

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  • Full-Time

LATOKEN is a crypto exchange leading startup tokens market with 250+ primary placements and 1000+ assets.
Our active users grew by 8x in 2021 to 3M+ accounts including 1.5M+ mobile with 30K+ 5 stars reviews.
We have the top trust score in the global list of exchanges Coingecko and are rated top 20 among 588 other exchanges.

We are building the next capital market – the Amazon of Crypto where it is easy to put an asset to the marketplace, discover, and buy or sell. In other words, we are opening the door for the next billion traders to the next million digital assets from cryptocurrencies to equity, commodity, and real estate markets.

We are doing this to unite the global population for humankind’s prosperity. Those who own tradable assets benefit from the growth of the global market. Their brainpower and investment decisions focus planetary resources to build a better future. The more people will become stakeholders of the future, the better it will be.

This becomes possible today as blockchain tech solves the property rights problem without armies and political force. Thus people around the world can open an account as easily as in a social app and have their rights protected.

Our culture is for champions living to change the world and are free to overdeliver toward the mission.
We are acknowledged by FORBES as one of the top 30 companies for remote jobs in 2022.

We offer a generous stock options package, competitive pay, and stellar growth with the dawn of the web3 era.

Mission: Stronger corporate structure, finance and reporting to scale monetization and grow to IPO

Story :

LATOKEN needs a stronger and compliant corporate structure, financial risks mitigated, automated bonuses and reporting with tactical and strategic insights to scale monetization and grow to IPO.


  • Bank accounts should be operational to ensure crypto-fiat business operations without delays.
  • Trading and custody risks must be real-time monitored and mitigated with risk policies and automated stop risk systems.
  • Reporting should be automated and detailed to manage PL and growth across units and products, support IR, and bonus calculation.


  • Open bank accounts and comply with KYC/AML requirements.
  • Develop and implement the roadmap for regulatory and bank compliance, and acquire crypto-fiat licenses.
  • Develop a corporate structure to meet investors’ and regulators’ expectations.
  • Establish and supervise the implementation of Risks policies for trading, custody, and operational risks. Ensure real-time notification of risks policies breaches with automated stop losses, root cause reports, and processes/people fix to mitigate further breaches.
  • Automate balance sheet, PL, and management reporting companywide and by the units and products on the operational platform and dashboards.
  • Automate bonus calculations based on OKRs on the platform.
  • Audit company accounts, transactions, and reports.
  • Update reporting for IR dataroom and respond to investors requests.
  • Facilitate monthly, quarterly budgeting and OKRs planning across business units.

Main performance number: Managerial reports on time
Second performance number: Difference between balances and cashflow
Third performance number: Completeness of fiat and crypto transactions as reflected in the ERP system

Collect: Conduct payments, do bookkeeping using an accounting system.
Security Risks: Perform manual security checks of users’ transactions to prevent fraud and manipulations.
Risk control: Ensure Blockchain wallets balances are kept within risk limits.
Report: Timely prepare financial report (BS, CF, PnL).
Trading Desk Risks: Prevent uncontrolled losses and report on incidents.
Fees control and refunds: Control rebates and fees to 3rd parties.
Reporting: Prepare and automate regular managerial reports.
Reporting: Preparing weekly financial reports on trading performance and risk.
1C database check-up: Control the completeness and correctness of filling 1C.
1C automation: Control development of loading new data blocks.

Requirement skills and experience:

3+ years of experience in finance management in an international high pace company. Experience in 2 of 3: risk management, bank accounts opening for crypto companies, involvement in investment rounds. SQL or Python skills are a plus. Fluent English.

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