UI/UX Engineer

Hail Trace

HailTrace is a small company that started from nothing and in the past five years has grown to the point where the developers can afford to hire someone who knows how to make eye candy for our user base. If you go to our website, don't be too hard on us, we aren't designers—remember.

That said, we are green fielding our entire design, and have it half-ish done, and are looking for someone to help us not only create great design, but also to help shape the product with new ideas. This is a truly creative role, and we are looking for genuinely creative people who want to see their work impact real change in a business and in customer's lives.

Key Qualities:

  • Has experience with modern design tools (i.e. Figma).
  • Understands UI/UX design for Mobile and Browser.
  • Willing to learn and grow with our team.


  • Our company does profit sharing and other benefits (medical insurance and great co-workers). So if you make us grow, you benefit. We want to make a stunning/great product and see all our team-members benefit from it.
  • Oh, and if you work on-site (Edmond, OK) you get lot's of perks. Our office is awesome.