Senior Software Engineer


Title:Stack – Logstash – Sr. Software Engineer

  • Location: Distributed, AMER

The Logstash project is an open source streaming ETL (extract-transform-load) tool that is capable of capturing data from multiple sources, reshaping and enriching, and pushing it to multiple destinations. It is structured around a set of more than 200 plugins and a core platform that wires these plugins together into one or multiple continuously processing pipelines. The project is written in a mix of JRuby and Java.

Our team is small and distributed across the globe and we communicate mostly through Slack, GitHub, email and Zoom.

What you’ll be doing:

  • Maintaining and leading the development of the core platform and plugins into the future
  • Lead the efforts of improving Logstash’s (and its plugins) usability, performance and robustness
  • Engaging with multiple public GitHub repositories and community forums
  • Caring for the needs of our users and enterprise customers
  • Contributing to development process, improving tools and automation
  • Collaborating with other teams to drive product goals
  • Working together with the support organisation to help our customers.

What you’ll bring:

  • Ability to work in a remote-first environment, which implies excellent verbal and written communication and collaboration skills
  • Critical thinking, autonomy and being proactive
  • Proven back end focussed skills preferably in Java and/or Ruby/JRuby, or a track record of developing distributed applications and willingness to learn an additional language.
  • Experience with test driven development and/or software delivery backed by comprehensive testing, continuous integration and automation
  • Experience in back-end distributed application development (cloud, orchestration, Linux/Windows services, etc).
  • Knowledge of message brokers (like Kafka, RabbitMQ, JMS), database technologies (namely JDBC), non-RDBMS databases (like MongoDB and Neo4j) and any sort data streaming technology
  • Familiarity with typical programming support tools such as Travis, Jenkins, GitHub, Git
  • 4+ years of industry experience.

What would help:

  • Experience with JRuby and the rest of the Elastic Stack
  • Front-end/UI experience (full-stack engineer with React/Angular)