Senior Go Engineer at Openly - Insurtech


Job Details

We’re hiring an experienced Go programmer to join our technology team. Your primary responsibilities:

  • Develop the core systems that power our insurance products
  • Integrate with data providers to source real-time information on hundreds of data points, including property characteristics and risk profiles
  • Contribute to important architectural and operational decisions like microservices vs. monoliths, deployment techniques, technologies, policies, etc.
  • Build out our API's so third-party resellers can purchase insurance from us programmatically
  • Spread your expertise at the company (e.g. promote best-practices and mentor devs who want to learn from you)

Key Requirements

  • Computer science or engineering college degree, or equivalent experience
  • Professional/production experience developing back-end web-stack applications
  • Excellent communication skills

Our Stack

  • Backend/Core: Go & Postgresql
  • Frontend: Browser-based, VueJS & Webpack
  • Research/Data Science: R, ArcGIS, H2O & Python
  • Single binary for now, but separate services are likely later
  • Our infrastructure runs on Google Cloud. We use: GKE, Cloud Run, Cloud Build, and CloudSQL. We use gitlab for both code hosting and running CI/CD pipelines.