5 Tips for Finding the Best Remote Jobs

Nov. 11, 2020

5 Tips for Finding the Best Remote Jobs

The pandemic has caused an enormous shift in the way the world works. Companies had to adapt, and we see that remote working has become a reality for many employees. Many people are now considering if this transition could be a more permanent work situation after the Covid crisis is over and asking: What if I could work remotely forever?

If you are thinking about taking the plunge, here are the best tips for you to find the best remote jobs:

1) Is this the Right kind of Job for You?

Remote work is not for everybody, some people thrive in an office environment, and others easily succeed in working remotely. Be honest and ask yourself which one are you. Only you can define if it is a fit for your work and lifestyle.

2) Get to know the remote work community

Most job sites don’t have a very good “remote work” filter, but that has changed in the past couple of years with more platforms out there advertising exclusively for remote jobs.

Once you start your search it’s important to understand the differences between fully and partially distributed companies. A fully distributed company is one in which everyone in the company works remotely. Partially distributed companies are any companies with one or more remote workers, also known as “remote-friendly” or “remote-flexible”. 

But why does that matter?

Most fully distributed companies have solid onboarding systems and ongoing training programs, so you’ll be set up for success. There are also many partially distributed companies that have successfully integrated a remote workforce. Keep that in mind while searching for a position and ask about it in the interview process.

3) Know What Remote Employers Are Looking For

Trustworthy people that truly love their work are, by far, the most important traits that employers are looking for in a candidate for a remote job position.

It seems pretty obvious if you consider that they need to trust that each team member will do their job, as well as create high-quality work, all outside an office environment. If you’re not motivated to work, you likely won’t succeed if no one is looking over your shoulder. Show your remote interviewer how much you care about your work;  it will definitely resonate with them.

4) Tailor your resume for remote job applications.

To land an interview, your resume needs to be tailored to remote companies. Consider including the following points to stand out to remote employers:

List all important tools: software tools that you are familiar with using are great to mention. Remote companies are very dependent on these tools to assure that the work and communication flows. Some examples: Slack, Google Hangouts, Trello,  Zoom, etc.

Communication: Remote companies fail because of bad communication, consequently they look to hire amazing communicators. Your resume should talk about your communication skills, and your email communication with hiring managers and recruiters should be impeccable.

Autonomy: Any time you worked with low or no supervision is valuable and will be well noticed on your resume.

5) Take Timezone and Location into consideration

Looking to start working remotely for a company that has its team spread around the globe sounds exciting, but pay attention to the working hours and what your working schedule would look like. Some companies offer total flexibility and you only have to consider their time zone in case of a virtual team meeting from time to time.

This might be very different for other companies, in which your "online presence" will be expected according to the time zone of where the company has its headquarters. It's easy if you live in Portugal, applying for a remote position in a french company.  Figuring out a good time for a meeting from Lisbon while the rest of your team is based in Tokyo might be a much more complicated task. Pay attention to these details while searching for the perfect remote job for you.

The remote job application is not harder but indeed a bit different from other traditional office jobs. To stand out from other candidates, it’s imperative that you immerse yourself in the remote community and show passion for your work.

Are you ready?

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